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Part 32: SDCC 2009 Exclusive Black Nyarlathotep Resin Statue

sotatoysSDCC Exclusive Black Nyarlathotep Resin Statue

Price: $230.00

2009 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Pre-Order (see below for more details)

State of the Art (SOTA) Toys introduces the latest addition to the “SOTA Nightmares” product line, H. P. Lovecraft’s Nyarlethotep.  This 12-inch tall statue features incredible detail in its horrific presentation of the messenger of the Great Old Ones, Nyarlethotep.  Made of high quality resin and special “flex-resin” in key parts, this limited edition collectible will be a prized addition to any collection highlighting H. P. Lovecraft, monsters, and, as Lovecraft stated, “gigantic, tenebrous, ultimate gods.”The 2009 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive sees Nyarlathotep with a slimy black coating, like a poorly-preserved beast pulled from the depths of peat bog.

Limited to 150 pieces, each statue is numbered.

State of the Art Toys (SOTA) is offering pre-order now and you will be GUARANTEED to have one and they will even ship it to you for FREE. (continental US only; regular shipping rates apply everywhere else.)

Your credit card will be charged immediately. Please note that payment in full is required for this Pre-Order.  Should you decide to cancel the Pre-Order and seek a full refund, please do so BEFORE July 15th. Cancellations received AFTER July 15th are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Pre-orders received AFTER July 15th will NOT be guaranteed.

Part 31: SDCC 2009 Ghostbusters: Venkman & Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Minimates 2-Pack

ghostbustersminimatesSDCC 2009 Ghostbusters: Venkman & Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Minimates 2-Pack

Dr. Peter Venkman (as seen in Ghostbusters 2) battles the delicious demon known as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Each Minimate stands 2″ tall with 14 points of articulation and accessories from the timeless Ghostbusters movies!

Limited to 2,000 Pieces from Diamond Select.

Part 30 – LOST Ben Linus Bobble Head San Diego Comic Con 2009 Exclusive

benlinusBif Bang Pow! announced a new series of LOST action figures and bobble heads, complete with the very first product — a Ben Linus bobble head which will be exclusive to Entertainment Earth at San Diego Comic-Con.

Benjamin Linus will be the first product produced by Bif Bang Pow! under this deal and 1,008 units will be produced for sale at Comic-Con.  These will be at the Entertainment Earth Booth only. No pre-orders will be accepted.

The first series of LOST action figures will include Sawyer, Juliet, Jack, and Kate.

Product Update for 06/27/2009

*Update for 06/27/09*

Newly added old figures & a restock!

SideShow StarWars Kit Fisto

Dragon WWII German Lang

Hot Toys Female ERT

I Have Issues: Geek Plastique Episode #34

As we mentioned previously, Toy Anxiety was to be featured in a Podcast titled I Have Issues, in a segment called Geek Plastique. The first episode has been posted here. Our segment starts about 11 1/2 minutes in if you do not have an interest in comics. Geek Plastique is planned to be a monthly segment posted on Fridays, which will primarily be filmed at our store. So if you want to keep tabs on this Podcast, the main web address is We’ll also post it here in our blog when a new episode featuring Toy Anxiety is posted. Thanks and enjoy!

New Products in our Phoenix Store for 06/27/09

Dan just sent me a list of new products in our store in Phoenix. If you are shopping in the “bricks-and-mortor” store and purchase one of these items, tell them you saw this on the blog to get a 10% discount.

Blue Box

    1:18 Scale WWII Japanese Zero Fighter (Off White Paint)

 Diamond Select

    Battlestar Galactica Modern Apollo and Dualla Figure 2 Pack

    Battlestar Galactica Modern Mark II Viper Statue

    Battlestar Galactica Razor Cylon Raider Statue (Classic Design)

    Minimates – Terminator 2 Assortment

    Minimates – DC Series 4 and 5

    Star Trek 1:1 Scale Classic Science Tricorder with Lights and Sounds

    Transformers Deceptacon Logo Wall Plaque

    Transformers Busts Galvatron, Jetfire and Rumble

    V for Vendetta Movie 1:6 Scale Figure     


    GI Joe Cobra Arctic Assault Squad Figure 7 Pack

    GI Joe The Rise of Cobra MARS Troopers Movie Preview Figure 3 Pack

    Marvel Legends Icons 12″ Figure   



            Dark Phoenix



    DC Universe Crisis Series 3 3/4 Figure 3 Packs

            Flash, Weather Wizard and Mirror Master

            Hawkman with 2 Thanagarian Warriors

            Lex Luthor with 2 Luthor Troopers

            Wonder Girl, Bizarro and Supergirl


    Futurama Series 6 Figures – Amy and Clobberella

Michael Jackson, Nosferatu and Me – Our Brief Meeting

nosferatu2Back in May 1995, I had a couple of tables in the vendor area of the Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention in Los Angeles, California. On one of the nights of the convention, they held a costume ball with a contest for best costume. One of the guests dressed up as Nosferatu (or Dracula). I was standing out in the hallway with this guy and we were talking about the convention and what a great costume he had on. A cute little girl in a costume I cannot remember won the contest. Al Lewis (Grampa Munster) really liked her and he was the judge of the contest.

About a week or so later, People magazine had a little blurp about Michael Jackson showing up to the convention in disguise.  Here it is:

“Speaking of Jackson, that was he disguised as Dracula at a costume ball last month sponsored by Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. The event, at a hotel in Los Angeles, was held during a convention for fans of film and TV horror and sci-fi. When Jackson, rehearsing on a nearby sound-stage, heard that Al Lewis, Grandpa on TV’s The Munsters, was at the convention, he sent a limo and word that he wanted to meet him. After their chat, Lewis said, “He’s a mensch.”….”

I remember sitting and thinking after I read the article if there was anything that could have tipped me off that it was him. No, not really. He had a quiet voice and really tried to stay in character the whole time we talked. He had a really great costume.

I now need to go up in the attic and see if I still have the pictures of the costume ball contest and of Michael in his great Nosferatu costume.

Part 29 – Star Wars Boba Fett Mini Bust SDCC 2009 Exclusive

bobafettBoba Fett Mini Bust (McQuarrie Concept)

Gentle Giant

Price: $65 (San Diego Comic Con Only)

Product Update for 06/25/2009

*Update for 06/25/09*

New Breakdown!

SideShow StarWars TFU Stormtrooper Commander

Part 28 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive – Star Trek Spock Transporting Bobble Head

spockStar Trek Spock Transporting Bobble Head – Entertainment Earth Limited SDCC Exclusive

IMPORTANT NOTE: This item will debut as a Comic-Con 2009 Entertainment Earth Exclusive. Pre-orders with Entertainment Earth will ship the last week of July 2009, while supplies last.

 Beam him up, Scotty!

  • He’s a limited edition, bobble head with lights.

  • Transporting Spock features some super special effects!

This futuristic– or is it retro?– item features a remarkable image of everyone’s favorite Vulcan… Spock! Full of logic, reasoning, and just a little bit of emotion (he gets it from his mother), this is one bobble head you’ll want to beam into your collection. The wonderful wobbler is an Entertainment Earth Comic-Con International exclusive, and what makes it so special is a clear body that, when you tap his head, lights up! The likeness is spectacular, and its bright light will illuminate your desk or home. You don’t want to miss this! Limited edition of 1,500 pieces.