Another 1:6 Military Entry in our Zombie Contest




Zebraten created this entry and posted it on our OneSixthWarrior Forum. Here is what he had to say:

Here is my entry into Original Concept Zombie. He is trying to decide what to eat first…Sideshow head, repainted and added hair. Soldier Story body, modified. Guts are made with Bendaroos, painted and coated w/Woodland Scenics fake water for wet effect. Scratchbuilt base.

 Thanks for having this contest and best of luck to all. I had a good time making him.”

To enter our contest, post your custom zombie images on one of our two sites:

Sideshow Forum site

OneSixthWarrior Forum site

 Be sure to mention which category your image is being entered in. Anyone wishing to participate in this contest may have 1 entry per category. Entries will be accepted through midnight, Saturday October 24th, 2009. The winners will be announced on Friday, October 30th, 2009. Winners will be chosen based on the concept behind the entry, and how much effort went into making it. Just know that popping a Sideshow’s The Dead zombie head on any particular body isn’t going to win you any prizes. We want to see some thought and creativity here. Use your BRAAAAINNNSS!

The prize, for the winner in each category, will receive a $50 Toy Anxiety eGift Certificate!

If you have any questions about the contest please email us at Thank you and good luck boils and ghouls!

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