Product Update for 11/18/2009

*Update for 11/18/09*

New Breakdown & MEGA Restock!

Hot Toys Resident Evil 5 Chris Redfield BSAA version

Hot Toys
Dark Knight Bank Robber Joker (Last one we have to break down)
Dark Knight The Joker
Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright
Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Ganado

Dragon WWII
British Norman White
German Adler Augen
German Balthasar Bobby Woll
German Gunther
German Hannes Diehl
German Hans Pifer
German Karl Hellebaut
German Rudolf Geisler
German Victor Oehrn
Soviet Lev Pavlov
US Eddie Strong
US Nick

Dragon Hit Team Female-Jo

Dragon Onimusya Male

Blue Box Chuck Morris

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