Disneyland raises ticket, parking prices

The Orange County Register
August 3rd, 2010, 1:32 pm,  posted by Sarah Tully

Disneyland Resort is raising prices for park tickets, annual passes and parking effective Thursday.

Visitors will pay $76 to visit a single Disneyland Resort park — either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure — for one day. That is $4 more than the current price.

Disneyland last raised single-day ticket prices a year ago, but the company has already hiked annual pass and parking fees once in the past year. In January, Disney hiked the cost for annual passes. Parking prices went up in October.

Disneyland increased prices for a one-day, one-park ticket by $3 in August 2009. Starting Thursday, visitors will pay $10 more than they did three years ago and $35 more than a decade ago, when there was only the Disneyland park. California Adventure opened in 2001.

This year’s $4 hike is on par with annual changes over the past decade: Disney has boosted prices between $2 and $7 annually over that time.

“We continuously monitor the marketplace to ensure pricing that reflects a strong entertainment value,” said Suzi Brown, a Disneyland Resort spokeswoman, in a prepared statement. “When you compare a Disney park to a concert or professional sporting event, we offer a great value and a full day of world-class entertainment.”

If visitors want to avoid the price hike, they can buy passes before Thursday. Tickets purchased now are valid until Jan. 3, Brown said. Buy Disneyland tickets online.  Annual passes can be renewed up to 30 days in advance at the current price.

This Thursday’s annual pass hikes range from $15 to $30. But Disney already increased the prices for annual passes in January, meaning holders will pay between $30 and $45 more since the hikes in August 2009.

Some Disney fan sites have speculated that the company is hiking prices to decrease the number of passholders, who may cause crowding in the parks. However, Disney also has made it easier for visitors to pay for passes with monthly payment plans.

Disney has four types of annual passes. A visitor can go to either park for a varying number of days, depending on the level of the pass. Visitors will also pay $1 more to park in Disney lots: $15 per car. In October, Disney hiked parking fees between $2 or $3. Parking is free for three hours for Downtown Disney, but Disney posts signs advising theme-park visitors to take their cars elsewhere.

Since the economy began souring, Disney parks have offered discounts, especially for Southern California residents. This summer, for example, local residents can pay $108 for three separate visits to Disney parks.

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