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New Wonder Woman Costume

A first look of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman — aka Diana Prince — from NBC’s reboot of the classic 1970s series.

Product Update for 03/31/2011


Sideshow Star Wars Rebel Commando Infantryman

Ignite Julius Caesar
Ignite Gladiator

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ZCW Firearms Collection

Hardcore Pawn Visit

My wife and I were in Detroit last weekend visiting family and we decided to stop by American Jewelry and Loan where they film the reality-based show, Hardcore Pawn.  The Pawn shop is a family-owned pawn shop on W. 8 Mile Road and Greenfield Street in Detroit, Michigan.

Les and Seth’s Bios
Les Gold is a third-generation pawnbroker and the charismatic patriarch of American Jewelry and Loan. The King of a 50,000-square-foot empire and the boss to more than 45 employees, this hard-nosed, old school pawnbroker is the epitome of street-smart, known for driving a hard bargain. With a passion for collecting unusual items, Les is an expert on pretty much everything, from diamonds and furs to cars and cameras. A day doesn’t go by without Les reminding his team, “The customer isn’t always being truthful.” There’s no one quicker to sniff out a shady customer, but when genuinely touched by a customer’s story; his lion heart shines through. Les is all about family. He loves his wife, kids and grandkids with gusto.
Les’ only son and business partner, Seth has worked full-time at American Jewelry and Loan since graduating from the University of Michigan seven years ago. Despite initially pursuing a career in the medical field, he decided to change his focus to the family business that defined his heritage. Seth is a smart businessman who knows he’s got huge shoes to fill, but he’s up for the challenge. Although respectful of the business his father has perfected over the past 40 years, Seth never hesitates to point out to Les where there’s room for improvement. Seth prides himself on bringing a modern, corporate structure to this family business, which often drives Les crazy. Seth is meticulous and pragmatic, whereas Les is spontaneous and shoots from the hip.
Our Visit
For our visit, I wore my Chumlee T-shirt. Chumlee is the loveable employee at the other reality-based pawn shop show, Pawn Stars. When Les saw my shirt, he jokingly said that I could not wear that shirt in there. We talked for a bit with Les and Seth, Both were very friendly and warm. While we were talking, several camera crews wandered around the store filming Les and Seth interacting with customers. At the front of the store, the loan department had a long line of customers. The store was very busy and their jewelry department is huge. They had a large musical instrument area. Also, there was a furniture section and a section of fur coats and jackets.
We purchased a couple of T-shirts, which both Les and Sean autographed. Perhaps next time we are in Las Vegas, I will return the favor and wear their T-shirt at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop where Pawn Stars is filmed.
So, over the next few weeks, watch Hardcore Pawn on truTV; you just might see a segment with us in it!

Product Update for 03/28/2011

New Breakdowns, Restock & New Boxed Pre-Orders!

ACI Nude Figures

Dragon 2000AD Accessory Set

Saturday Toys Men In Suits

Art Figures Bagheria

TrueType Caucasian Advanced
TrueType Cuban Female

Playhouse Seal Team 10

21st Century Toys Brushcrew Fireman
21st Century Toys Mad Bomber
21st Century Toys Auz & Tazz

Lots of Misc. Nudes

Hot Toys Bruce Lee 70’s Outfits

Sideshow GI Joe General Hawk

Found one extra Barney Ross we broke down. Also discovered we never had his knife on, so it’s been added.

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Hot Toys Platoon Chris Taylor

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Hot Toys Predators Berserker Predator
Hot Toys Perdators Falconer Predator

Sideshow The Dead Harbinger

Houdini’s last surviving stage assistant dies at 103

 TINTON FALLS, N.J — Dorothy Young, the last surviving stage assistant of illusionist Harry Houdini and an accomplished dancer, has died. She was 103.

 Young’s death was announced Wednesday by Drew University, where she was a prominent donor and patron of the arts. Spokesman Dave Muha said she died Sunday at her home in a Tinton Falls, N.J., retirement community.

Young joined Houdini’s company as a 17-year-old after attending an open casting call during a family trip to New York. She initially sat in the back because she was too shy to step forward, but Houdini and his manager soon noticed her and asked her to dance the Charleston. They signed her to a contract, and she eventually persuaded her parents to let her join the stage show.

During her year with Houdini in the mid-1920s, she gained recognition for playing the role of Radio Girl of 1950, emerging from a large mock-up of a radio and performing a dance routine. She also performed other roles during the tour, which proved to be Houdini’s last in the United States before he died in October 1926, two months after she had left the show .

Young then formed a dance act with Gilbert Kiamie, a New York businessman and the son of a wealthy silk lingerie magnate, and they gained international prominence for a Latin dance they created known as the rumbalero. They later married and remained together until Kiamie died in 1992.

Young went on to perform in several movies and also published a novel inspired by her career. She later became a benefactor of Drew University, endowing it with a $13 million arts center that bears her name. Several of her paintings hang in buildings on its campus in Madison.

She also attended numerous events at the school over the years. One of her last appearances there was in October 2008 for a commemoration of the 82nd anniversary of Houdini’s death that featured an inner circle of Houdini enthusiasts and historians.

Young had a son with her first husband, Robert Perkins, who died after 13 years of marriage. 

Product Update for 03/21/2011

*Update for 03/21/11*


Sideshow GI Joe Flint

Also, several new misc. items and nudes have been added in the last few days.

WDW Haunted Mansion Queue Update

Source: MiceChat
Denise nbodyhome Preskitt updates

The first thing you see when you enter are a row of busts. It seems like you are supposed to guess who the killer is (there are plaques), but I’m not sure how.

This Sea Captain sings, gurgles as bubbles blow out, and sneezes – if you are too close, you will get a little wet!

There are many more interactive elements – including a library with books that slide in and out, and musical instruments on a crypt that you touch to make music. I have tons of photos on my site and can share more here next week if anyone is interested! But here are a couple of more photos, including Madame Leota from a different angle than we’ve seen before:

This new queue area is slated to open officially on April 1st.