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Phoenix Comic-Con 2011 Photos – Part II

More photos from William Oon.

Arizona Ghostbusters

R2D2 and some friends

William and Wolverine

Phoenix Comic-Con 2011 Photos – Part I

Here are some photos from my friend William Oon from his visit at Comic-Con on Sunday.

Welcome to Phoenix Comic-Con!

William and Boba Fett at the Comic-Con.

Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters fame signs autographs.

Goodbye Mary Coyle!

Mary Coyle is one of my favorite places in Phoenix. I was sad when I learned that they would be closing May 31st (tomorrow).

For my birthday in April, I asked my family and friends to take me there one last time. We order two Mountains. A Mountain is a veritable ice cream “Mountain.” Seven full pounds, plus whipped cream. Four toppings & nuts are also included.

Here are pictures from my final visit there of our 15 or so pounds of ice cream.

So long Mary Coyle; I will truly miss you!

Toy Anxiety will be at the Phoenix Comic-Con this weekend!

Just a reminder that Toy Anxiety will be at the Phoenix Comic-Con this weekend. Stop by our booth and see all of the cool items we have for sale (and for gosh sakes, buy a few things too!)

Tell Dan you saw this on our blog for a special discount!

e-mail your photos to with the subject “Con Pixs” to have them posted on our blog!

Product Update for 05/23/2011


Dragon WWII
Horst Lerner
Eugen Schrange
Ulrich Schafer
Adler Augen
Sepp Jung
Paulo Titov
Ben Harris

Ignite French Guardsman

Batman ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ First Photo of Bane

With the Bat-sequel now shooting, Christopher Nolan reveals the big bad who will square off against Batman

By Tim Kenneally

With production of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman flick “The Dark Knight Rises” now in production, the first scintillating glimpse of the film has emerged, in the form of this photo featuring “Inception” actor Tom Hardy in character as bad guy Bane.

For those unfamiliar with comic-book lore, Bane developed a bad attitude in the penal system of fiction Caribbean republic Santa Prisca, and derives his superhuman strength from an experimental drug called Venom. He also enjoys long walks on the beach — but hey, don’t we all?

“The Dark Knight Rises” is in theaters July 20, 2012. In the meantime, enjoy the advance look.

Product Update for 05/21/2011

New Breakdowns!

DID Pierre WWII French Resistance

Sideshow Get Smart Chief (oldie but goodie)

SDCC 2011 Exclusive #31: ThreeA NOM Nightwatch Heavy Bramble (WWRp Scale)

NOM Nightwath Heavy Bramble image used for release on Bambaland


NOM Nightwatch Heavy Bramble is a Heavy Bramble Mk 3 robot in the WWR Universe that sports the nightwatch colorway. Originally produced in 1/6th (WWR) scale, it was first released during the Daywatch Nightwatch Commanders drop as a surprise, and few days later was made available again on Bambaland for approx 24 hours due to demand.

It is the first robot to bear NOM markings, as well as the first Nightwatch colorway toy to have grime, rust & wear on it.


NOM Nightwatch Heavy Bramble in the WWRp scale was announced for SDCC 2011.

30 Items as of today in our San Diego Comic Con 2011 Exclusives List

As of today, we have 30 items in our 2011 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives List.

Each year, we blog about all of the exclusive products that will be at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this year. Last year we blogged about 73 exclusives and expect that number to be much higher this year. The Con is all sold out and is scheduled for July 21st through the 24th. So we are just getting started with this year’s list but check back every few days to see what has been added. If you are a manufacturer, please let us know what cool things you are going to offer and we will post it on our blog.

At the end of each blog will be a little exclusive button which will take your right back here for easy navigation.

So stay tuned and we will keep you up-to-date on all thing San Diego Comic-Con.

Click Here for our SDCC 2011 Exclusives List

Click here for our 2011 Exclusives List

Product Update for 05/20/2011


Hot Toys Resident Evil 5 Jill Valentine BSAA

Sideshow Star Wars Greedo
Sideshow Star Wars Blackhole Stormtrooper
Sideshow Star Wars Yoda