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Product Update for 08/19/2011

New Breakdowns!

TTL Female Denim Sets

Virtual Toys Gang US & Japan

New Breakdowns!

Hot Toys Sweeney Todd

Shrunken Head Studios Bits & Pieces Series 1

TeeFury – Tee today, gone tomorrow

Greetings Toy Anxiety Fans!

I am blogging today about TeeFury. Our own Dan has submitted an entry we are hoping to see soon, so watch our blog and Facebook sites for an announcement when it comes out.

TeeFury was started in 2008 by a bunch of artists who love limited edition t-shirts. At TeeFury you will find a new amazing tee every 24 hours for just $10.

All of their tees are super limited-edition, being sold for only 24 hours or until sold out, whichever happens first. After 24 hours the t-shirt is removed from, never to be made available for sale again (at least through – artists retain full rights to their artwork and may choose to make the piece available at a future date).

TeeFury Artists

TeeFury pays its artists $1 for every shirt sold within the 24 hour period and the artist retains full rights to their design after the 24 hours. Depending on the art and the subject matter of the design, artists have earned anywhere from $150 to over $2,500 in a single day. All artist payments are sent via Paypal in USD.  There are two ways to become a TeeFury artist:

1) TeeFury will find you on the internets and invite you to participate in the FURY or

2) Click on the Submit button at the top of their homepage and fill out the necessary information. In their submit section, you will be asked to upload your design you would like them to consider.

To find out more about TeeFury and to read some Frequently Asked Questions, go to their service section, or you can always drop them a line at (give them a little time to get back to you; nice people always get answered first).

Product Update for 08/17/2011


Hot Toys Thor
Hot Toys Tron Legacy Kevin Flynn
Hot Toys TrueType Narrow Advanced

NW Toys Defense of the Third Reich

Sideshow Lord of the Rings Faramir (Just 1)
Sideshow Lord of the Rings Boromir (Just 1)

Dragon WWII
Fritz Weber
Werner Krieg
Bob Richardson
Kenneth Laird
Willi Kahler

Product Update for 08/13/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Soldier Story
WWII: Joachim Peiper LAH Panzer Commander

Modern: AFSOC Bob
WWII German Black Knight: Ernst Von Bauer

LOST SDCC Comic-Con 2011 Trailer. What is the Man in Black’s name?

Product Update for 08/10/2011

New Breakdowns, Other Products, and Restock!

Art Figures Navy Seal Special (Tears of the Sun)

Loading Toys Gavin Head Set

ACI Dress Shoes

ZY Toys Gatling Miniguns

Sideshow Star Wars Senator Palpatine (Just 1)
Sideshow Star Wars Clone Wars Kenobi Exclusive (Just 1)
Sideshow Star Wars Clone Wars Anakin (Just 1)
Sideshow Monty Python Holy Grail Tim

Dragon Jackie Chan My Story (Just 1)
Dragon Jackie Chan Dragon Lord (Just 1)

More New Items in the Store!

Here are some more photos of our inventory. If you see something you like, call the store all (602) 308-0292 or e-mail

The largest selection of carded figures in Arizona!

Take a Look at What’s New in the Store!

It’s been a while since I blogged about the great items in our store. So for the next couple blogs, I am going to post some photos of our inventory. If you see something you like, call the store all (602) 308-0292 or e-mail

 Lots of Star Wars stuff!


Sideshow, Hot Toys, Gentle Giant Star Wars Statues!

All kinds of loose action figures!

Even more loose action figures!

Product Update for 08/05/2011


Hot Toys Platoon Barney Ross
Hot Toys Platoon Chris Taylor
Hot Toys Expendables Barney Ross (Only1)