Hazel George Autographed Card – Walt Disney

This is something I saw on Phil Sears Web site today. Phil is known thorughout the Disney community for selling rare and unique Disneyana items.

As the Walt Disney Studio nurse, Hazel George was among Walt’s most trusted friends at the studio for several decades.  At the end of most work days, she would be called to Walt’s office to provide Walt with a neck massage as he sipped his nightly scotch mist that had been prepared by a member of his secretarial staff.  Few people on earth, aside from Walt’s own family, demonstrated such loyalty and candor when working with him. Author Bob Thomas credited Hazel with unlocking the true story of Walt’s personality in his day to day operations at the studio. Hazel was also a talented songwriter for the Disney Studio (as “Gil George”); writing many songs for the 1950’s Mickey Mouse Club television show. In addition, she penned the lyrics for “OLD YELLER” starring Fess Parker, Tommy Kirk, and Kevin Corcoran.

This 3.5″ x 2″ wallet card for the Songwriters Guild is personally autographed by Hazel George.  The card has water stains; otherwise fine.  A very rare autograph of woman whose name appears in almost every Walt Disney biography.

Source: philsears.com

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