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Update for 04/30/13

New Breakdowns, Restock, & Pre-Orders!

Hot Toys Dark Knight Camo Tumbler

X-Series Nude Figures x4 each + Boxed

Loading Toys Eudor Head Sculpt

DID WWII German Lutz Fedder

Hot Toys Iron Man 3: Mark XLII Diecast
Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 3: XXXV Red Snapper Power Pose
Sideshow Star Wars Commander Wolffe
Sideshow Star Wars Darth Malgus

New Breakdown & Restock!

We are excited to present Asmus Toys! We are now carrying their product, primarily the accessory sets. We’ve received a large shipment for which you will find in our update today!

Asmus Toys
Avengers Tony x3
Avengers Steve x3
Detective Somerset Suit Set x3
Maroni Suit Set x3
Slam Dunk Warm Up Suit Set x3
Masked Robber Set x3
Hoodie Set (Red) x3
Hoodie Set (Grey) x3
Bond Suit Set x3
FBI Set x3

Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Desert Sniper x1
Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Desert Officer x1

Hommes Volume 10 x3

Update for 04/23/13


Playhouse D-Boy x2

Dragon Modern Laars x3
Dragon WWII German Udo x1

Man of Steel (Superman) Movie Trailer #3

Man of Steel Trailer 3

[Click on image to watch trailer]

Update for 04/19/13

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys Joker 2.0 (Leftovers from Pre Orders)

Phicen Large Breast Tan & Pale

Hot Toys DX12 Batman (Several parts, but not a whole figure)

Sideshow Indiana Jones Henry Jones x1
Sideshow Indiana Jones Germain Indy x2
Sideshow Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Indy x1

DC Direct Watchmen Comedian x2
DC Direct V for Vendetta x1

Several Other Misc Items from:
Phicen Selena, Sideshow & DID Legolas, Crazy Owner Jesse James Cowboy

Update for 04/18/2013

Hello everyone,

Just to update what is going on with Joker 2.0. Sideshow is receiving them in an “undetermined amount of split shipments” and they will be sent to their wholesale accounts as they turn up. Our first batch was only 12 figures, so we were unable to fulfill all pre orders on the first round. All boxed pre orders were shipped, and most of the part pre orders, but about 15 orders remain to be fulfilled. We made our best effort to fulfill them in the order we received them. If you did not receive a shipped notice for your pre orders, you are one who will, unfortunately, have to wait for the next batch. I’ve emailed Sideshow, but have gotten no word yet on when the next batch will show up. Please be patient with us as it is out of our control. We’ve waited this long, hopefully a bit longer won’t be a problem.

Thank you all!

-Toy Anxiety


Virtual Toys Violent Samurai x3

Update for 04/15/13

New Breakdown & Restock!

DID WWII US General Patton x4

Dragon WWII German Horst & Blits x3 (minus the Blitz)

Update for 04/12/13


Hot Toys Avengers Black Widow x4 Yep, you read that right, these are the last!

Sideshow Star Wars Tusken Raider x3

ZC World Carson (Top Gun) x3

Soldier Story WWII German 3rd Fallschirmjager x1

DID WWII German Hans Ebner x1

Update for 04/11/13


Hot Toys Avengers Thor x4

Update for 04/10/13


DID Herbert Zeller x2

Cal-Tek 10th Panzer Frundsberg x3

Sideshow Rebel Commando Endor Sergeant x1
Sideshow Rebel Commando Endor Pathfinder x1
Sideshow Rebel Commando Endor Infantry x1

King’s Toys U-Boat Seaman x2