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Happy New Year from the Gang at Toy Anxiety

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas from The Gang at Toy Anxiety


A Marvel Charlie Brown Christmas

A Marvel Charlie Brown Christmas

A Star Wars Charlie Brown Christmas

A Star Wars Charlie Brown Christmas

Hey, It Could Happen!

Best Damn Christmas

Photos from Yesterday’s Toy Anxiety Toy Drive 2013

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TODAY, Saturday, December 7th! The Toy Anxiety Annual Toy Drive

Toy Anxiety Annual Toy Drive

If you have not attended this event in the past, you must check it out! We will have several costuming groups representing many familiar characters from Star Wars to Super Heroes and more! Kids and adults alike will have a great time visiting and taking pictures with everyone in their awesome costumes! We encourage you to wear yours as well!

As mentioned, this is a Toy Drive, so we will be accepting Toy donations, which will be distributed locally to children in need. Toys are especially needed for younger boys and girls as well as items for teens. All toys need to be new and in their original packages (if applicable), but not gift wrapped. Anyone who donates a toy will be given a storewide SALE sheet for in store purchases of up to 75% off*. Even if you don’t plan to purchase anything, any donations will be appreciated.

Also, anyone who donates a toy will receive a raffle ticket for which you can win a variety of great prizes. Drawings will be held often all day during the event, though you must be present to claim your prize.

We look forward to seeing everyone, and please spread the word. The more donations the better.

*Sale does not apply to any consignment items and cannot be combined with other coupons or store discounts. Sale applies to in store items (no Internet), and only items on the floor (no backstock).