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I Have Issues: Geek Plastique Episode #34

As we mentioned previously, Toy Anxiety was to be featured in a Podcast titled I Have Issues, in a segment called Geek Plastique. The first episode has been posted here. Our segment starts about 11 1/2 minutes in if you do not have an interest in comics. Geek Plastique is planned to be a monthly segment posted on Fridays, which will primarily be filmed at our store. So if you want to keep tabs on this Podcast, the main web address is We’ll also post it here in our blog when a new episode featuring Toy Anxiety is posted. Thanks and enjoy!

I Have Issues

I Have Issues: The Internets Greatest Comic Book and Geek Culture Program. If you relate to that sentence, then you must check out this awesome localy produced and filmed video blog. Toy Anxiety will soon be featured in a series of Action Figure related episodes. Stay tuned! Be sure to subscribe!

Product Update for 06/04/09!

*Update for 06/04/09*

New Breakdowns!

Hot Toys Predator Alan “Dutch” Schaefer

Hot Toys Predator Private Billy Sole

Stikfas Restocked!

We have just received restock of various Stikfas kits including the Demoness and Archangel for which we had been out of for quite awhile.


The New Toy Anxiety Web Site has been launched. At this point all of the inventory is where we left off. We hope you enjoy your new Toy Anxiety experience! Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Thank You From All at Toy Anxiety!

Greetings from Dan

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know I’m here now and will start posting Toy Anxiety related news and info as it comes available. Enjoy our Blog!