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Update for 01/09/13

New Breakdown & Restock!

Flirty Girl Angels Outfit Sets

Hot Toys Avengers Captain America x4

Food Accessory Sets x2

ZY Special Combat Sniper Suit Accessory Set x3

Sun Yat Sen Sets x4
Mao Suit Set x4

Update for 12/19/12

New Breakdowns & Restock!

DID Vladimir Putin x3
DID USMC Ceremonial Guard Tony x3

ACI Spartacus x3

Soldier Story US In Afghanistan M249 SAW Gunner x4

Round 2 Captain Action Thor, Captain America V2 and Arctic Captain Action x3 Each

Hot Toys Captain America Red Skull x3 (Last Ones)
Hot Toys Friend x4 (Last Ones)
Hot Toys Avatar Jake Sully x1
Hot Toys TrueType TTM19 Removed From Package Only (warehouse find)

Enterbay Che Guevara x1 (Last One)

Sideshow Star Wars Commander Gree x3

Dragon WWII Russian Nikita Petrovich Savin x1

Several Loading Toys Heads w/ Propane Tanks

Update for 10/15/12

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Dragon Falkland War Dave Wilson x3
Dragon Falkland War Robert Hughman x3

ACI Gladiator Flamma x4 (forgot to mention this one in a previous update)

Update for 10/04/12

New Breakdown & Restock!

Hot Toys Pirates of the Caribbean OST Anjelica x6

Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Viper x2

ACI Gladiator Flamma x4

Update for 07/25/12

New Breakdown & Restock!

Cal Tek Dress Marine x2 (Very Limited)

ACI Skull

Sideshow Star Wars Boba Fett x4
Sideshow Star Wars Endor Sergeant & Pathfinder x1 Each

Dragon Modern Nigel x1

Virtual Toys Gang JP & US x4 Each

Update for 07/23/12


In Flames Metal Boss BDU Version x2 (Last ones)

ACI Mao Suit Sets x4 (Last ones)

BBK Mujahideen x2 (Last ones)

Product Update for 03/21/2012

New Breakdown & Restock!

ACI Andrew Nude Muscle Bodies (Boxed Only)

Toys City JSOC T1 Special Mission Unit

Sideshow GI Joe Dusty
Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Desert Sniper

Product Update for 03/08/2012


Hot Toys DX Jack Sparrow x3

ACI Flamma Gladiator x5

Soldier Story DEVGRU Gold Team x2

Product Update for 02/10/2012

New Breakdowns & Restock!

3R Hermann Goring Furniture and Decoration Sets

ACI Dress Shoes White and Semi Gloss Black

Sideshow X-Files Agent Doggett x1

Product Update for 12/08/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Triad: Sniper Training Accessory Set

Dragon: WWII US Cyber Hobby Richie
Dragon: WWII German Ernst Kunkel

In The Past Toys: Joseph G.

Sideshow: GI Joe Cobra Desert Sniper

ACI: Gladiator Flamma