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Update for 06/10/13

New Breakdown & Restock!

DAM Delta Force Team Leader x3

Hot Toys Avengers Loki x3

Several Misc Sideshow Star Wars Items (Thanks Spiderrogue!)

Update for 04/11/13


Hot Toys Avengers Thor x4

Update for 03/28/13


Hot Toys Avengers Thor x4
Hot Toys Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon x1

Enterbay Bruce Lee Game of Death x2

Update for 03/21/2013

New Breakdowns!

Hot Toys: The Avengers Black Widow x8
Hot Toys Avengers Thor x6 (Surprise, wasn’t expecting today!)

Update for 02/06/13


Hot Toys Star Wars Luke Bespin x3 (This is it, no more after this)
Hot Toys Avengers Captain America x3 (This is likely the last of these as well)
Hot Toys Sucker Punch Amber x2

Sideshow Gamorrean Guard x3
Sideshow Gartogg x1
Sideshow Figrin D’an x1
Sideshow Sith Probe Droid Set (Parted Out) x2

WWII German Alfons Robmuller x3
WWII German Wolfgang Knaf x3
WWII US Brad Mason x3

DID Napoleonic Angus x1

Update for 12/05/12

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Sideshow Star Wars Utapau Airborne Trooper x5

ZC World Carson x5

Dragon Falklands War Phil Norman x2
Dragon Falklands War Pete Winner x2

Hot Toys Avengers Hawkeye x5

Sideshow Star Wars Bib Fortuna x1

Update for 10/12/12


Hot Toys Avengers Nick Fury x3 (This may be the last part out of these)
Hot Toys OST Jack Sparrow x1

Update for 09/14/12


Hot Toys Avengers Nick Fury x5

DID WWII US Charles Winstone x1
DID WWII British John Colman x1
DID WWII British Michael Taylor x1

ZCW Firearms Collection x1

Update for 08/24/12

New Breakdowns, New Pre-Order & Restock!

Hot Toys The Avengers: Nick Fury x6

Art Figures Raging Police (Steven Seagal) x4

Hot Toys X-Men 3 The Last Stand: Wolverine Boxed Figure

3R Heinrich Himmler x3

Dragon WWII US Scott x2
Dragon WWII US Dewey x1

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusive #83: Hasbro Four-Foot-Long S.H.I.E.L.D. Super Helicarrier

Hasbro’s four-foot-long S.H.I.E.L.D. Super Helicarrier. ($129.99)