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Update for 03/06/13

New Breakdown & Restock!

Blitzway Carlito’s Way x5
Blitzway Scarface x2

DID George x2

21st Century Fireman x1

Product Update for 01/18/2012

*Update for 01/18/12*

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys Predators Classic Predator (x4)

Got a large collection of Sideshow Universal Monsters.

The following have been parted out for the first time or restocked:
London After Midnight Color and B&W
The Mummy Ardeth Bay
Phantom of the Opera B&W
Werewolf of London
Wolf Man
Wolf Man – Bela the Gypsy
Bride of Frankenstein
White Zombie – Murder Legendre
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Hunchback of Notre Dame

Blitzway Tony Montana (x2)

Kings Toy Stalin (x4)

Sideshow James Bond Wai Lin (x1)
Sideshow Buffy Vampire Angel (x1)
Sideshow Buffy Willow (x1)
Sideshow Buffy Xander (x1)

Dragon Timeline Chris Johnston (x1)


Product Update for 12/28/2011


Hot Toys Superman (x 4 This will be it for awhile)

Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Viper (x6)

Blitzway Tony Montana (x4)

Product Update for 11/16/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Blitzway Scarface: Tony Montana

DC Direct: Jonah Hex

Phicen: Seamless Female Tan w/ Laura Head

Shrunken Head Studios: Bits & Pieces Series 1