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Update for 03/28/13


Hot Toys Avengers Thor x4
Hot Toys Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon x1

Enterbay Bruce Lee Game of Death x2

Update for 11/29/12

New Breakdowns, New Boxed Figure, New Pre-Order, & Restock!

Hot Toys Dark Knight Rises Batman x6

Hot Toys Iron Monger (Boxed Only)

Enterbay Game of Death Bruce Lee x3

ZC World Hommes Volume 8 x4

Water Monster Jumpsuit x4

Steve Hartman
Max Winzel

Gladiator Myrmillo x1
Viking Mercenaries x1
Netherlands Musketeer x2
Julius Caesar x1
Julius Caesar’s Legions: Signifer x1

Hot Toys Terminator 2 Battle Damaged DX T-800

Update for 07/05/12


Also added several Misc items, mostly Sideshow and Hot Toys.

Hot Toys Thor Odin x2
Hot Toys Bruce Lee 70’s Suit x3
Hot Toys TrueType TTM18 x5
Hot Toys TrueType TTM19 x6

Sideshow GI Joe Zartan x3
Sideshow Buffy Prophecy Buffy x2
Sideshow Buffy Angelus x1
Sideshow Buffy Vampire Willow x1

BBI Cycom Spectre x3
BBI Cycom Fireblade x3

DID WWII German Heinz Guderian x4
DID WWII USA William Bowman x1

Triad Otaku Tan x2

Soldier Story WWII German Feldgendarmerie Des Heeres 1945 x3

Product Update for 03/23/2012


Hot Toys Bruce Lee Casual x3

Sideshow Star Wars Commander Cody x3
Sideshow Blackhole Stormtrooper x3

Product Update for 01/27/2012


Hot Toys Bruce Lee 70’s Suit Version x5

Inflames Metal Boss x4

Product Update for 12/09/2011


Hot Toys Superman
Hot Toys Bruce Lee Casual Version

Sideshow The Dead Mall Santa (Last Ones & Merry Christmas)

Product Update for 10/12/2011


Hot Toys Bruce Lee: 70’ Suit Version

Sideshow GI Joe: Red Ninja

Sideshow Star Wars:

Admiral Piett
Endor Rebel Pathfinder

Product Update for 08/04/2011


Hot Toys Bruce Lee: Enter the Dragon (Got a couple we were shorted)

Sideshow Star Wars Boil & Waxer (Just 1 for now)

Sideshow Monty Python King of Swamp Castle

Product Update for 07/15/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys Thor: Odin the Allfather

Sideshow GI Joe: Stalker

Hot Toys Bruce Lee 70’s Casual

Product Update for 06/20/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys Bruce Lee 70’s Casual Version

TTL Chinese Suit Sets

Sideshow Brotherhood of Arms CS 1st Virginia Cavalry

Hot Toys Platoon Barnes

Sideshow GI Joe Beachhead

Soldier Story Jake McNiece