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Update for 04/10/13


DID Herbert Zeller x2

Cal-Tek 10th Panzer Frundsberg x3

Sideshow Rebel Commando Endor Sergeant x1
Sideshow Rebel Commando Endor Pathfinder x1
Sideshow Rebel Commando Endor Infantry x1

King’s Toys U-Boat Seaman x2

Update for 01/21/13

New Breakdowns!

3R Leon Musikkorps Der SS x3

DID WWII German Steiner Eastern Front Wermacht Oberfeldwebel x4

Cal Tek WWI Battle of Liege x4

Soldier Story South Korean 2nd Infantry Division x4
New Pre Order
Hot Toys GI Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes

Update for 10/31/12

New Breakdowns!

Hot Toys Star Wars Luke Bespin DX07 x10

Cal Tek WWII German 10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg x4

Update for 07/25/12

New Breakdown & Restock!

Cal Tek Dress Marine x2 (Very Limited)

ACI Skull

Sideshow Star Wars Boba Fett x4
Sideshow Star Wars Endor Sergeant & Pathfinder x1 Each

Dragon Modern Nigel x1

Virtual Toys Gang JP & US x4 Each

Product Update for 04/12/2012

New Breakdowns & Restock!

TTL Fashion Man x4 Each Version

Ignite Julius Caesars Legions (Various Parts)

Hot Toys Classic Predator x1

Sideshow Star Wars Desert Sands Sandtrooper x4

Phicen Laura II Tumulus Raider x1

Cal Tek French Infantryman x1

Dragon Konrad Furst x1
Dragon Rudolf Geisler x1
Dragon Werner Krieg x1

Product Update for 01/07/2012

New Breakdowns!

Triad John Carter of Mars (x4)
Triad Zorro (x4)

Mattel Ghostbusters 2, All 4 Guys (x3 each)

Dragon Modern US Cody (x1)

ZY Toys Black Sneakers (Converse All Stars)(x12)

Also, got in a lot more of the Cal Tek Hot Toys style stand.

Product Update for 09/15/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Cal Tek WWII French Infantryman

Old Dragon Modern Fernando

Hot Toys Sweeney Todd

Sideshow Indiana Jones ROTLA (Just 1)

DID Hans Standartenfuhrer

Dragon WWII German Sepp Jung

Product Update for 06/13/2010

*Update for 06/13/10*

New Products, New Breakdowns, & Restock!

TTL Female Bodies

ZY Toys Weapon Sets

Cal Tek Blank Display Stands (Very close to Hot Toys Design)

ITPT SS Untersturmfuhrer

Sideshow Star Wars Sandtrooper Corporal