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Product Update for 07/21/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys Tron: Legacy Kevin Flynn (Really brings the shelf together)

Brother Production Fighting Club Tayler

Sideshow Spinal Tap David Hubbins (Yeah this came out of nowhere, and they go up to 11!)

BBI Modern Rosanna

Sideshow Reservoir Dogs Orange & White

Hot Toys Clash of the Titans: Perseus (Most of 1)

BBI Officer Burns

Sideshow James Bond Alex Trevelyan

Product Update for 03/10/2011

New Breakdoiwns & Restock!


Dragon WWII German Hugo Rheinhardt
Dragon WWII German Hubert Metzger

Just got a collection of 16 different Sideshow Buffy figures, all are parted out, several we’ve never had before including the Gentlemen, Der Kindestod, Vampire Angel and Werewolf Oz. A couple were Sideshow exclusives, so keep an eye out for those exclusive accessories as they won’t last long! Have at ‘em!

Hot Toys Clash of the Titans Perseus

Product Update for 01/05/2011


Hot Toys Clash of the Titans Perseus

TTL CIA Operative (only 1)

Ignite The Viking
Ignite Knight of Outremer II

Art Figures Saves (Punisher)

*Update for 04/19/10*

New Pre-Order & Breakdown!

Hot Toys Clash of the Titans Perseus

Sideshow Van Helsing (got one in trade)