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Update for 10/19/12


Sideshow GI Joe Rock & Roll x3

ZC World LAPD Tiger x1

CM Toys Roman Gladiator H005 x1

Product Update for 05/11/2012

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys 1989 DX Joker x6

Toys City Combat Diver x4

Loading Toys Faris x6

CM Toys Rubber Muscular Bodies (Boxed Only)

Hot Toys Michael Jackson Beat It x4
Hot Toys Pirates of the Caribbean AWE Sao Feng x4

Sideshow Zartan x2

Product Update for 02/14/2012

New Breakdowns & Restock!

3R Erwin Rommel Desert Fox x4

Wild Toys Black Suit Set x6

Giant Collection of Sideshow Universal Monsters

CMToys Gladiators H004 & H005 x3 Each (No Hand Joints)

Hot Toys TrueType TTM19 x6

Ignite Walter Von Geroldseck x3
Ignite Viking II x3

DID WWII German Slavko Juric

Sideshow Highlander 1998 Duncan, 1986 Connor, Origins Connor

Product Update for 01/12/2012

New Breakdowns & Restock!

CM Toys Gladiators (x4 Each)

Soldier Story PLA Counterattack Against Vietnam (x4)

DAM Grenadier 75th Ranger Operation Gothic Serpent (x1)

Hot Toys Resident Evil Afterlife Alice (x6)
Hot Toys Captain America (x4)