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Update for 08/10/12

New Breakdowns, Restock, & Pre-Orders!

Go Hero The Shadow x6

Hot Toys Tron Legacy Sam Flynn w/ Light Cycle Boxed Set x2 (This is all we’ll have available)

DAM Delta Force Sergeant x4

Hot Toys Inglorious Basterds Hans Landa x1 (Last 1)

Sideshow James Bond Xenia Onatopp x1

Soldier Story Navy Seal SDV Team 1 x2
Soldier Story DEVGRU Gold Team x2

Toys City JSOC x2

Loading Toys 22 SAS Regiment x2

MIL CRYE Warriors Spanky x2

Playhouse GSG9 Low Profile x2

DID Cristof x2
DID Heinz Guderian x3

Dragon WWII German Lothar Kroh x1
Dragon WWII German Aldo Holger x1

BBI Officer Burns x2
BBI Bruno x2

Hot Toys Avengers Hulk
Hot Toys Quarter Scale Batman
Hot Toys Quarter Scale Terminator Endoskeleton
ThreeA HALO Commander Carter

Product Update for 08/05/2010


Go Hero Perseus & Sinbad (last breakdowns)

Hot Toys 300: King Leonidas

New Product for 03/22/2010

*Update for 03/22/10*

New Breakdowns, New Boxed Figures, & A Restock!

Playhouse GSG-9 Low Profile Version *cough*Jack Bauer*cough*

DID Tim Becker Plain Clothes Version

TTL Various Nude Figures

Go Hero Wrath of the Titans Skeleton Warrior

Virtual Toys Stone Cold Killers

New Product for 03/12/2010

*Update for 03/12/10*


Hot Toys Resident Evil 4 Jack Krauser
Hot Toys Pirates of the Caribbean Sao Feng

Dark Horse Bruce Campbell

DC Direct The Spirit

Amok Time Rondo Hatton

Go Hero Perseus
Go Hero Sinbad

Product Update for 03/06/2010

*Update for 03/06/10*

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Go Hero Perseus
Go Hero Sinbad

Soldier Dragon WWII 10th Anniversary Hans Leiter

Sideshow R. Lee Ermey Dress Blues

Hot Toys Sao Feng

New Section Misc.Hands

Sideshow Indiana Jones German Disguise
Sideshow Indiana Jones Belloq

Hot Toys Kumai Gaiden
Hot Toys Goemon Saizo Kirigakure
Hot Toys Dark Knight Two Face