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Update for 02/26/13

New Breakdown & Restock!

Crazy Owner (Ninja) Assassin x5

3R Hermann G. Version 2 x1

Toys City USAF CCT HALO x2

Dragon WWII US Sonny x1

Headplay – Several different ones at slightly cheaper prices

Product Update for 03/30/2012

New Breakdowns!

Sideshow GI Joe Rock & Roll

InFlames Metal Boss Battle Armor Version aka NOT Snake

Product Update for 01/04/2012

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Headplay Round 4 (Check out the new lower prices!)

Dollsfigure Windbreaker Sets (x6 each)

Hot Toys Captain America (x4)

Product Update for 10/28/2011

Restock & New Pre-Order!

Headplay/In Flames: Metal Boss

Hot Toys: Friend

Sideshow Star Wars Modal Nodes 2 Pack

Product Update for 10/19/2011

New Breakdowns & New Boxed Figure!

Art Figures Avenger

ACI Gladiator Warriors Flamma

Headplay Heads Round 3

In Flames/Headplay Metal Boss

Iron Man 2: Iron Man Mark V Boxed Figure

Product Update for 09/12/2011

New Breakdowns!

Sideshow Star Wars Commander Bly

Headplay Heads Round 2

Product Update for 06/10/2011

New Breakdowns and Pre-Orders!

DID WWII German Hans Standartenfuhrer (NOT Hans Landa)

Sideshow Star Wars Gartogg

Headplay Heads Round 1

ACI Men In Suit Gangster Johnny
ACI Mao Suits

FigureHero Alien Killer

Toymaster Superfly (NOT Danny Trejo)

3R Adolf (Hitler)

Hot Toys Superman NEW!
Hot Toys Spider Man 3 The Goblin NEW!
Hot Toys Resident Evil Afterlife Alice
Sideshow Star Wars Figrin D’an NEW!
Sideshow Star Wars Sandtrooper Desert Sands NEW!