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Update for 05/06/13


Asmus Toys Masked Robber x3
Asmus Toys Avengers Tony x3
Asmus Toys Bond Suit Set x1

Crazy Dummy Kunoichi x1

Ignite White Ninja x1

Update for 01/17/13

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Sideshow Star Wars Bossk x6

Alpha Toys Caucasian Male Nude Sets x6 Each

Art Figures Soldiers of Fortune (From Yesterday)

Hot Toys Indiana Jones (Several Parts from 1, not All)

Sideshow Monty Python Knights & Dead Collector x1 Each

Art Figures The King x2

Soldier Story Red Army Infantry x2

Drink Case Sets x3

Ignite Viking II x3
Ignite Spartan King x1

Update for 11/30/12


Hot Toys Bespin Luke x3

Sideshow Star Wars Kit Fisto x1
Sideshow Star Wars Boil & Waxer x1

Ignite Templar Sergant x1

DID Hayden Christ x1 (No Mortar)

Update for 11/29/12

New Breakdowns, New Boxed Figure, New Pre-Order, & Restock!

Hot Toys Dark Knight Rises Batman x6

Hot Toys Iron Monger (Boxed Only)

Enterbay Game of Death Bruce Lee x3

ZC World Hommes Volume 8 x4

Water Monster Jumpsuit x4

Steve Hartman
Max Winzel

Gladiator Myrmillo x1
Viking Mercenaries x1
Netherlands Musketeer x2
Julius Caesar x1
Julius Caesar’s Legions: Signifer x1

Hot Toys Terminator 2 Battle Damaged DX T-800

Update for 06/13/12

New Breakdown & Restock!

Flirty Girl Ana Female Clothing Sets

Sideshow GI Joe Zartan x4
Sideshow GI Joe Red Ninja x3

Twisting Toys Luca x3
Twisting Toys Danilo x2

Dragon WWII US Stan Wiley x2
Dragon Modern Lam x1
Dragon Modern Moondog x1

Ignite Viking II x3

Product Update for 04/23/2012

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Sideshow GI Joe Zartan x6
Sideshow GI Joe Black Ninja x6

Ignite Gladiator Retianus x3

Hot Toys Sweeney Todd x2

DID WWII Russian Vasily Zaytsev x3

Product Update for 04/19/2012


Hot Toys 1989 Batman x4
Hot Toys Captain America x1

Art Figures Navy Seals (Tears of the Sun) x3

Sideshow Star Wars Gartogg x1

Ignite Gladiator Myrmillo x2
Ignite Julius Caesar x2

Product Update for 04/05/2012

 Restock & New Pre-Orders!

Hot Toys 1989 Batman x3

Sideshow Star Wars Commander Gree x4

InFlames Metal Boss Original Version x1

Soldier Story Man In Suit x2

Ignite Netherland Musketeer x3

New Boxed Pre Orders
Hot Toys DX Terminator 2 T-800 Arnold (Pre Order Parts Coming Soon!)
Hot Toys Avengers Hawkeye
Sideshow GI Joe Snake Eyes with Timber
Sideshow Star Wars Tusken Raider

Product Update for 03/26/2012


Heroic Perfection Killer x1

ZC Girl Carol Bank Robber x1

BBI Leigh Ann Hester x1

Ignite Gladiator x2
Ignite Julius Caesar’s Legions – Signifer x1

Dragon WWII
Stefans Nasse x2
Sepp Jung x1
Willi x1
Hugo x1
Gustav Mohr x1
Sergio Martelli x1
Ulrich Schafer x1

Product Update for 02/14/2012

New Breakdowns & Restock!

3R Erwin Rommel Desert Fox x4

Wild Toys Black Suit Set x6

Giant Collection of Sideshow Universal Monsters

CMToys Gladiators H004 & H005 x3 Each (No Hand Joints)

Hot Toys TrueType TTM19 x6

Ignite Walter Von Geroldseck x3
Ignite Viking II x3

DID WWII German Slavko Juric

Sideshow Highlander 1998 Duncan, 1986 Connor, Origins Connor