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Product Update for 12/08/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Triad: Sniper Training Accessory Set

Dragon: WWII US Cyber Hobby Richie
Dragon: WWII German Ernst Kunkel

In The Past Toys: Joseph G.

Sideshow: GI Joe Cobra Desert Sniper

ACI: Gladiator Flamma

Product Update for 09/29/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Dragon WWII German :Ernst Bauer Version 2

3R: Hermann Goring

Blitzkrieg Toys: Red Baron (New Old Figure Parted Out)

Sideshow GI Joe: Beachhead (Just 1)

DiD: Che Guevara

Product Update for 01/17/2010

New Breakdown and Restock!

Hot Toys James Dean Cowboy Version (only 1)

Hot Toys Perseus (only 1)
Hot Toys Dastan (only 1)

DID Vasily Grigorevich Zaytsev

Toys City Navy Seal Rifleman M14

Dragon Olaf the Viking
Dragon Jurgen Baer
Dragon Svetlana

Crazy Owner Black Ninja V2

Ignite Viking

ITPT Viktor Lutze

DC Direct Watchmen Rorschach

Product Update for 11/24/2010

New Boxed, Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 War Machine (Boxed Only)

Dragon WWII Russian Yuri Pavlovich Popov

Soldier Story WWII US Bastogne 101st Airborne

21st Century Toys Brushcrew Firefighter
21st Century Toys US 9th Infantry Sniper
21st Century Toys Tunnel Rat

ITPT Typewriter Set

Stargate Daniel Jackson

Sideshow G.I. JOE Warrant Officer Flint

Product Update for 11/12/2010

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Dragon WWII German Wilhelm Engels

Dragon Straydog Kerberos Panzer Corps

Sideshow GI Joe Beachhead (may be on later tonight or tomorrow at the latest)

Dragon WWII German Kurt Kepplinger
Dragon WWII German Vaprosov & Anton
Dragon WWII Wolfgang Knaf
Dragon WWII Lang
Dragon Modern John Tiano
Dragon Modern Josh
Dragon Modern Terry
Dragon Modern Roger
Dragon Modern David Wong
Dragon Modern Duane
Dragon Modern Winona

Sideshow Star Wars Sandtrooper Corporal
Sideshow Planet of the Apes Cornelius
Sideshow Planet of the Apes Zira
Sideshow Planet of the Apes Astronaut Taylor

ITPT Canadian College Cadet

Ignite Viking Mercenaries

ZC World Firearms

Several new Custom Items have been added over the past week:
Colin Clive Head Sculpt
Tallahassee Head Sculpt
More Wastelander (Mad Max) Accessories
Torch w/ Flames

Product Update for 08/30/2010

New Breakdown & Restock!

3R Heinrich Himmler

Hot Toys Chris Redfield STARS
Hot Toys Wolverine (Got 1 traded in, all parts are “As Is” as it is
from a smokey environment)

Sideshow Star Wars Utapau Clone Trooper
Sideshow Star Wars Admiral Thrawn



Ignite Swordsman

BBI Rosanna Jones

ITPT Canadian College Cadet

DID Che Guevara

Product Update for 07/08/2010

*Update for 07/08/10*


In The Past Toys Civil War Accessories

Hot Toys Resident Evil 5: Albert Wesker (both versions & last 1 of each)

Sideshow Terminator 2 T-1000 (last one)

Product Update for 06/13/2010

*Update for 06/13/10*

New Products, New Breakdowns, & Restock!

TTL Female Bodies

ZY Toys Weapon Sets

Cal Tek Blank Display Stands (Very close to Hot Toys Design)

ITPT SS Untersturmfuhrer

Sideshow Star Wars Sandtrooper Corporal

Product Update for 05/24/2010

*Update for 05/24/10*

New Breakdowns & Restock!

DC Direct Sandman

Hot Toys Watchmen: Silk Spectre II (only 1 available)

Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Indy
Star Wars Princess Leia
Star Wars Plo Koon
Star Wars Admiral Piett
Star Wars Bib Fortuna
Star Wars Yavin IV Luke
Star Wars Darth Maul
X-Files John Doggett
Angel Lorne (last 1)

Hot Toys Resident Evil 5: Chris Redfield BSAA (last 1)

ITPT Civil War Items

Dragon WWII Stefans Nasse
Dragon WWII Alfons Robmuller

Product Update for 12/15/2009

*Update for 12/15/09*

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys The Dark Knight DX01 The Joker

Dragon WWII German Pieter Volpert

Dragon WWII German Edvard Borsheim

True Type African American Slim & Caucasian (standard TT)

Sideshow Indiana Jones Henry Jones Sr.

Dragon Detective Chow

In The Past Toys WWII German Female Luftwaffe Helferin and Oberhelferin