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Update for 07/30/12

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Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive: Iron Man Mark VII Life-Size Bust

Iron Man Mark VII

The Avengers Life-Size Bust

Item Number: 400190

Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles

Price: US $799.99

Item Status: pre-order

Limited Edition: TBD

Est. Ship Date: March 2013

Sideshow Collectibles and Legacy Effects have assembled to present the Iron Man Mark VII Life Size Bust from the smash hit movie, The Avengers. Legacy created the most incredible effects work in The Avengers, including the all-new design of Stark’s newest Iron Man armor, the Mark VII. Created from the original molds developed for the film effects work, this impressive, full scale bust measures a full two feet tall and is individually hand-painted and finished with meticulous, film-accurate attention to detail. The bust utilizes brilliant LED lights in Iron Man’s eyes and arc reactor, bringing a shining light, and heart, to any display. The Iron Man Mark VII Life Size bust is an incomparable addition to any Marvel Comics or Avengers collection.

The Iron Man Mark VII Life-Size Bust features:

  • Detachable Ammo Pack

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Avengers Characters First Appearances

With The Avengers coming out today in the U.S., artist Jer Thorp had a look at character appearances, of which there have been 127 since 1963.

We can see a big cluster of major Avengers appearing in the first few episodes, with some other big names coming in the next few years (Vision, the Avenger with the 3rd most appearances in issues, doesn’t come along until #57). While there are a couple of major additions along the way (She-Hulk & Photon in 1982), we can see that the cast of characters for the team is defined pretty early.

Source: Nathan Yau, FlowingData

Product Update for 04/13/2012

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