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Over 50 items in our 2012 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Exclusives List that you would sell a kidney for

And we are just getting started! Here are the first 51 items in our 2012 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Exclusives List. Click on the image below to see them all.

Top 108 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives (SDCC) for 2011 with Photos (I am done!)

So, I stopped the list this year at 108 items. I probably could have added another 25+ items, but I am tired. I started the list back in April, so I spent 4 months on it. I am already thinking of a different way to format it for next year (perhaps even offering a PDF you can print with photos).

So, as of today, we have 108 San Diego Comic Con 2011 Exclusives listed with Photos.

Thanks to all of you who visited our site during Comic Con.

Click Here for our Final SDCC 2011 Exclusives List

Top 100 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives (SDCC) 2011 with Photos

We finally did it!

As of today, we have 100 San Diego Comic Con 2011 Exclusives listed with Photos.

Click Here for our SDCC 2011 Exclusives List

SDCC 2010 Exclusive #54: Batman & Joker 6″ Mez-Itz Two Pack

The first figures in Mezco Toyz DC Universe Mez-itz collection is the summer exclusive Batman and Joker two pack. These fantastic collectibles pop to life with incredible detail and design. Batman includes a real cloth cape and batarang accessory. The Joker comes with removable fedora. Mez-Itz, 6″ rotocast vinyl collectibles that are cool by design. Both Batman and The Joker feature five points of articulation and incredibly intricate decoration. Packaged together in a collector friendly box.

Hot Toys DX01 The Joker (The Dark Knight) Review

I saw this review of the amazing new Hot Toys DX01 Joker on YouTube and thought I would share it with you. They mention a competitor of ours as a source to get the TrueType body, but we carry these as well.

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Batman The Dark Night Custom Nurse Joker

Nurse JokerI always like to give a shout out to our customers who have created great custom figures. Brant Rhinehart (aka Buttmunch) has created a great Nurse Joker from The Dark Night movie.

In talking with Brant, he was kind enough to share his recipe to create the Nurse Joker. Here is Brant’s recipe.

The actual nurse outfit and some of the accessories come from an ebay seller. The set include the Nurse outfit, the white shoes, the detonator, file, and wig. It also comes with some other accessories including the “Henry” Dent sticker, some TrueType hands, black socks, and a generic silencer. Here is a link to their auctions:
Nurse Joker BaseThe set is missing some very important pieces, mainly the head and body. Even though the set comes with some hands, they don’t include the all important wrist pegs. So they are fairly worthless unless you get a TrueType body with pegs. The included hands are of the “Asian” body coloring as that is actually the color used for the official Joker figures’ bodies. The head color doesn’t match that coloring though. It is a little closer to caucasian coloring.
Nurse JokerIn my custom, I added some parts that were not included with the set. These included Harvey Dent’s pistol, Joker colored socks, a stand, and the Joker’s silenced pistol. The Joker’s pistol is very unique with the extended clip and silver top (the Nurse set just included a generic black and green pistol, at that just wasn’t cutting it). I added the silencer from the Sideshow Collectibles Snake Eyes’ pistol. The silencer obviously wasn’t designed for the Joker’s pistol so it had to be glued in place.
While I’m not the best customizer out there, I was capable of bashing this figure together. It gets more notice than any of the official Joker figures because everyone remembers just how shocking and hilarious the Nurse scene was. And since it is the only Joker outfit Hot Toys isn’t making, there is no other choice but make your own. It is simple and requires no painting or other skills. Just parts.
– Nurse Outfit + wig set from ebay (outfit, wig, detonator, shoes, file, mask, etc.)
– Slicked back hair Joker head from the Bank Robber Joker (the wig is designed for this head)
– Truetype body (any coloring should work)
– Joker stand
– Joker socks (the set comes with black, but he actually did wear the funky socks in that scene)
– Harvey Dent’s pistol (optional, but since the Joker gave it to Two-face its a nice addition)
– Bank Robber Joker’s pistol
– silencer (any should do, but mine came from Sideshow’s Snake Eyes)
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Hot Toys Labor Day Sale – Save 10%


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Product Update for 08/28/2009

*Update for 08/28/09*

New Breakdown & Restock!

SideShow Star Wars Admiral Piett

Hot Toys The Dark Knight Bank Robber Joker

San Diego Comic-Con Photo of the Day #6 Batman/Joker