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Phoenix Comicon Cosplay (Costume) Photos from Lightning Octopus

I am not heading over to the Phoenix Comiccon until tomorrow (Sunday), so I thought I would share some photos from Lightning Octopus‘ site.


030-Comicon 032-Comicon 048-Comicon 118-Comicon 125-Comicon 133-Comicon 135-Comicon 137-Comicon 180-Comicon 182-Comicon 183-Comicon 187-Comicon

Steampunk Merchandise Seen at The Phoenix Comicon 2012 – Part 2

Toy Anxiety Booth Photos from Phoenix Comicon 2012


Dan helping customers at the Toy Anxiety booth.

Arnold working the Toy Anxiety booth.

Steampunk Merchandise Seen at The Phoenix Comicon 2012 – Part 1

Steampunk Costume Photos at Phoenix Comicon 2012

Photos from Phoenix Comicon 2012 – Part 1

Visit Toy Anxiety at Phoenix Comic-Con Saturday and Sunday!

Toy Anxiety is at The Phoenix Comic Con all weekend. Stop by our 400 Square foot booth to see all of our cool merchandise for sale. We have over 100 different Batman figures, Star Wars, He-man, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Military, Hot Toys, and a whole lot more. Say “Hi” to Dan and the gang and let them know you saw this on our blog. Who knows, maybe Dan might just give you a discount!

It’s Here! Phoenix Comic-Con Starts Today!

Phoenix Comic-Con Starts in 5 Days!