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Update for 04/05/13

New Breakdown & Restock!

Crazy Owner James Dean Cowboy x4

GI Joe Rock & Roll x3
Cobra Desert Sniper x1
Star Wars Captain Antilles x1

Hot Toys Platoon Barnes (Some various parts)

Update for 09/05/12

New Breakdowns & Restock!

DID WWI French Infantry Pascal Dubois x4

3R WWII German Herbert Otto Gille x4

Hot Toys Superman x2 (Probably the last of these)
Hot Toys Platoon Chris Taylor x1 (just found an extra one, but this is it)
Hot Toys Platoon Barnes x3 (last of these too)

Sideshow Brotherhood of Arms US Army Infantry of the Potomac x1

Dragon John Tiano x1

Update for 06/15/12

New Pre-Order & Restock!

Hot Toys Avengers Black Widow

Hot Toys Platoon Barnes x1

DID Luca x3

Mattel Ghostbusters 1 Each

Product Update for 05/03/2012

Restock & New Pre-Orders!

Hot Toys 1989 Batman x3
Hot Toys Terminator 2 T-1000 Sarah Connor x3
Hot Toys Platoon Sgt. Barnes x4

Sideshow GI Joe Zartan x6

Sideshow Star Wars Commander Bacara (Sorry, just never got him on before now)
Sideshow Star Wars Commander Neyo

Product update for 11/02/2011

New Breakdown & Restock!

Crazy Dummy: US Army Gunner in Afghanistan

Hot Toys Inglorious Basterds: Colonel Hans Landa
Hot Toys Platoon: Private Chris Taylor (Just 1)

DID: WWII Germany: T. Becker (Found Some Parts)

Product Update for 10/13/2011


Hot Toys Platoon: Taylor & Barnes

BBK Mujahideen

Product Update for 08/05/2011


Hot Toys Platoon Barney Ross
Hot Toys Platoon Chris Taylor
Hot Toys Expendables Barney Ross (Only1)

Product Update for 06/20/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys Bruce Lee 70’s Casual Version

TTL Chinese Suit Sets

Sideshow Brotherhood of Arms CS 1st Virginia Cavalry

Hot Toys Platoon Barnes

Sideshow GI Joe Beachhead

Soldier Story Jake McNiece

Product Update for 05/13/2011


Hot Toys TrueType
AA Advanced TT
Caucasian Narrow Shoulder TT

Hot Toys Platoon: Sgt. Barnes
Platoon: Chris Taylor

WWII German Ferdinand Mauss

Product Update for 04/22/2011

New Breakdown & Restock!

Toy Biz Marvel Studios Punisher

Sideshow Star Wars Admiral Piett

Hot Toys Platoon Chris Taylor
Hot Toys Inglorious Basterds: Colonel Hans Landa