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Update for 04/23/13


Playhouse D-Boy x2

Dragon Modern Laars x3
Dragon WWII German Udo x1

Product Update for 07/06/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys Thor

Crazy Dummy Seal Team 3

BBI Leigh Ann Hester

Sideshow Star Wars Clone Wars Anakin

Playhouse D-Boy

Product Update for 04/04/2011

New Breakdown & Restock!

Dragon WWII US Matt Clapton

Playhouse D-Boy

Dragon Miles Gates

Product Update for 03/28/2011

New Breakdowns, Restock & New Boxed Pre-Orders!

ACI Nude Figures

Dragon 2000AD Accessory Set

Saturday Toys Men In Suits

Art Figures Bagheria

TrueType Caucasian Advanced
TrueType Cuban Female

Playhouse Seal Team 10

21st Century Toys Brushcrew Fireman
21st Century Toys Mad Bomber
21st Century Toys Auz & Tazz

Lots of Misc. Nudes

Hot Toys Bruce Lee 70’s Outfits

Sideshow GI Joe General Hawk

Found one extra Barney Ross we broke down. Also discovered we never had his knife on, so it’s been added.

Product Update for 02/21/2011

Restock with a few surprises, one each of the following!

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Black Widow
Hot Toys Watchmen Silk Spectre
Hot Toys Predator 2 Lost Predator (yes, you read that right)
Hot Toys Abigail Whistler

Triad Lola
Triad Barb Wire

Playhouse US Marine Gear 2.0

Dragon WWII German Eugen Brecht
Dragon WWII German Wilhelm Schaper
Dragon WWII German Gunther Witz
Dragon WWII German Alder Fisher
Dragon WWII German Andreas Zillmer
Dragon WWII German Pieter Volpert

Product Update for 01/03/2011


Hot Toys TrueType Both Females

Dragon WWII US Tak
Dragon WWII German Erich & Heinrich Machine Gun Team
Dragon Modern Ulrich

Ignite Viking II
Ignite Knight Of Outremer

DC Direct The Spirit

Playhouse GSG9 Low Profile

Product Update for 08/27/2010


Virtual Toys City Detective (last 1)

Virtual Toys Explorer (last 1)

Playhouse GSG-9 Low Profile

Dragon Stefans Nasse

BBI Bruno
BBI Officer Burns

Product Update for 06/09/2010

*Update for 06/09/10*

New Breakdowns!

Hot Toys Terminator 2 T-800

DC Direct Watchmen Comedian
DC Direct Watchmen Dr. Manhattan

Playhouse US Marine Gear Set 1

MiL Crye Warriors Spanky

Product Update for 05/29/2010

*Update for 05/29/10*

New Breakdown & Restock!

BBi Loose Modern Russian parts

BBi Elite Force Rosanna Jones

Playhouse D-Boy

Ignite Netherland Musketeer

Dragon Vietnam: Nate

Product Update for 05/03/2010

*Update for 05/03/10*

New Breakdown & Restock!

Playhouse D-Boy (Eric Bana Likeness)

Sideshow Monty Python: Tim, Black Knight, Patsy, King Arthur, French
Taunter, and a few other Misc. Parts