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Top 108 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives (SDCC) for 2011 with Photos (I am done!)

So, I stopped the list this year at 108 items. I probably could have added another 25+ items, but I am tired. I started the list back in April, so I spent 4 months on it. I am already thinking of a different way to format it for next year (perhaps even offering a PDF you can print with photos).

So, as of today, we have 108 San Diego Comic Con 2011 Exclusives listed with Photos.

Thanks to all of you who visited our site during Comic Con.

Click Here for our Final SDCC 2011 Exclusives List

SDCC 2011 Exclusive #106: Four Horsemen, Outer Space Men Set

Outer Space Men by Four Horsemen, Complete Set of 4

Electron, Alpha 7, Mystron, Commander Comet

Exclusive colors and weapons!





Top 100 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives (SDCC) 2011 with Photos

We finally did it!

As of today, we have 100 San Diego Comic Con 2011 Exclusives listed with Photos.

Click Here for our SDCC 2011 Exclusives List

Cyber-Monday Super Sale! Toy Anxiety Holiday Sale!

Cyber-Monday Super Sale!! 

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Sale is one day only – Monday, November 30th, 2009.

Subject 69: A Somewhat Racy Entry in our Zombie Contest



Hopefully, the last R-Rated thing I post, but I did show a picture of Dan previously. 😉

Entries are posted to both of these Web sites:

 Sideshow Forum site

OneSixthWarrior Forum site

Flash Forward and LOST Connection

flashforward2Blair Kennedy blogged on my comments about there being LOST images in the first episode of Flash Forward. He said:

Did you see the billboard for Oceanic Airlines that was in the surveillance scene? At the current time, Oceanic has a “Perfect Safety Record”.

So what does this mean? LOST is happening in 1977 and 2007. Flash Forward is happening now since six months from now is April 29th, 2010. Please blog and let me know your thoughts and suspicions.

New Items in our Phoenix Store as of 09/19/09

disneynmbcgolDan just sent me a list of new items in our Phoenix store. If you are interested in any of these items, contact Dan at

Disney Gallery of Light Nightmare Before Christmas Winter Spiral Hill Scene

Halo Remote Control Warthog

McFarlane Halo 3 Wave 5 Figures

 Diamond Select

    MiniMates Marvel Series 27 Ultimates

    Marvel Select Marvel Girl Action Figure


    Star Wars Clone Wars Figures Wave 8

    Star Wars Legacy Collection Figures Wave 8


    Cinema of Fear 3 3/4 Figure Collection

        Freddy Krueger

        Jason Voorhees



    Large Selection of Nightmare Before Christmas Items

newmoon    Twilight New Moon Action Figures






    Lord of the Rings Loose Figures


Custom District 9 Prawn Arm prop replica w/MNU badge

prawnarmYou District 9 fans will like this item listed on eBay.

It is a full-size 1:1 scale reproduction of Wikus Van De Merwe’s infected Prawn arm from District 9. The auction includes a detailed replica Multi-National United ID badge w/lanyard to complete Wikus’ outfit.

The Prawn arm is made from high quality latex with thick rubber claws, and an off-white, stretch fabric to mimic his arm bandage. This entire piece features a multi-layered, highly detailed paintjob done entirely by hand, by a professional graphic artist. All latex/rubber parts are finished in a gel gloss medium to keep it “wet” looking. Not just a display prop replica, the arm is also entirely wearable (Halloween, anyone?) and should fit any size hand/forearm. Yes, the claws are manipulatable at the knuckle joints.

Even More District 9 Custom Action Figures on eBay!


O.K.! O.K.! You guys want to see more custom District 9 figures. Here is one on eBay that ends in about 23 hours and is currently at $685. BTW, we sell 1:6 scale action figure parts. If you use the promotional code “DISTRICT9” when you make a purchase on our web site, we will give you 10% off your entire purchase! Offer expires September 30th, 2009.

Here is the text from this listing on eBay (boskoes):

Up for auction is a custom



He is approximately 9 inches tall with over 30  points of articuation.

So after watching District 9 we both were inspired to bring some of these awesome characters to life- starting with the Mecha Prawn (suit). This one of a kind piece, and is a true action figure, featuring tons of posablity and is recommended for normal play or display (children take heed, the spikes on his back are real metal and extremly sharp).

We tried our best to keep things accurate, only taking a few creative liberties as we saw fit; the bullet stips for example may not make so much sense since the aliens weapons did not use normal muntions- fret not they are removable I just thought they looked cool. Another area is Vikus’ head- in the movie it sat more in the suits upper chest area- however due to some technical difficulties we had to make his head sit higher- again though- if you don’t dig it don’t put it on him.

Cool figure features:

* Exchangable Mecha Prawn head and Vikus head. Easy to exchange but each fit on securely and retain posability. (works on a sturdy ball and socket system).

* Real metal components- gears in his chest to simulate the moving chest pannels seen in the movie- spikes- back portion

* Mecha Prawn’s head can be jutted out further by sliding a button under his neck.

*strobe back attachment lights up and runs on small watch batteries (included)

* Ultra realistic paint app looks like real metal.

*pop out blades on both his arms.


District 9 Custom Prawn Mask


Another interesting District 9 item on eBay – A custom Prawn mask. Right now it is selling for $700 with 10 bids. This is a full-size 1:1 scale reproduction of the Prawn from District 9. It is cast in thick high quality latex with foam rubber tentacles and plastic antennae.  This piece features a multi-layered, highly detailed paintjob done entirely by hand. The piece is currently uncut for display purposes but if the winning bidder prefers it as a costume piece it can be cut for wearability for no extra charge.

This will end my series on the custom action figures for District 9. Next week I will talk about the big Haunted Mansion events at Disneyland for its 40th anniversary. Plus, lots of cool items from our Web site and new items in our Phoenix store. Stay tuned!