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Update for 06/07/13

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Soldier Story PLA Counterattack Against Vietnam in Self Defense V2 x3

Phicen Nina x4

Dragon WWII German Dieter Muller x3

Shrunken Head Studios Bits & Pieces x6

VTS Dark Soldier x4

Update for 04/12/13


Hot Toys Avengers Black Widow x4 Yep, you read that right, these are the last!

Sideshow Star Wars Tusken Raider x3

ZC World Carson (Top Gun) x3

Soldier Story WWII German 3rd Fallschirmjager x1

DID WWII German Hans Ebner x1

Update for 02/25/13

New Breakdown & Restock!

Soldier Story FBI CIRG x4

ZC World Hommes Volume 10 Airforce x4
ZC World Articulated Body AB01 African American Boxed and Parted Out x4

Restock (From Long Ago)
21st Century Toys Misfits Jerry & Doyle x1 Each

Update for 01/28/13


Dragon x1 Each
Burkhard Krause
Edvard Borsheim
Willi Kahler
Ludwig Braus

Soldier Story Ariel Sharon x4

Update for 01/21/13

New Breakdowns!

3R Leon Musikkorps Der SS x3

DID WWII German Steiner Eastern Front Wermacht Oberfeldwebel x4

Cal Tek WWI Battle of Liege x4

Soldier Story South Korean 2nd Infantry Division x4
New Pre Order
Hot Toys GI Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes

Update for 01/17/13

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Sideshow Star Wars Bossk x6

Alpha Toys Caucasian Male Nude Sets x6 Each

Art Figures Soldiers of Fortune (From Yesterday)

Hot Toys Indiana Jones (Several Parts from 1, not All)

Sideshow Monty Python Knights & Dead Collector x1 Each

Art Figures The King x2

Soldier Story Red Army Infantry x2

Drink Case Sets x3

Ignite Viking II x3
Ignite Spartan King x1

Update for 01/10/13


Soldier Story Henry Kano 442nd Infantry Italy 1943 x3

Sideshow Monty Python Holy Grail Prince Herbert x1
Sideshow Monty Python Holy Grail Sir Galahad x1
Sideshow Life of Brian Brian x1
Sideshow Life of Brian Mandy x1

Update for 12/19/12

New Breakdowns & Restock!

DID Vladimir Putin x3
DID USMC Ceremonial Guard Tony x3

ACI Spartacus x3

Soldier Story US In Afghanistan M249 SAW Gunner x4

Round 2 Captain Action Thor, Captain America V2 and Arctic Captain Action x3 Each

Hot Toys Captain America Red Skull x3 (Last Ones)
Hot Toys Friend x4 (Last Ones)
Hot Toys Avatar Jake Sully x1
Hot Toys TrueType TTM19 Removed From Package Only (warehouse find)

Enterbay Che Guevara x1 (Last One)

Sideshow Star Wars Commander Gree x3

Dragon WWII Russian Nikita Petrovich Savin x1

Several Loading Toys Heads w/ Propane Tanks

Update for 11/02/12

Restock & New Pre-Orders!

Sideshow Star Wars Greedo x1
Sideshow Star Wars Asajj Ventress x1

Round2 Captain Action x2

Triad Tyrus x1
Triad Abigail van Helsing x1
Triad Iris Branham x1
Triad Riza Miyamoto x2

Soldier Story WWII US Marine Tarawa x2

New Misc – Tombstones & Skeletons

New Pre-Orders
Hot Toys Biohazard 4 Ada Wong

Sideshow GI Joe Major Bludd

Update for 10/03/12

New Breakdown & Restock!

Hot Toys Samurai Predator (Limited Quantities) x4

DID WWI British Albert Brown x3

3R WWII German Herbert Otto Gille x3

Soldier Story Modern EODMU x3