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Update for 09/07/12


DID WWII Russian Vasily Grigorevich Zaytsev x3

Soldier Story Joachim Peiper x4

Update for 08/27/2012

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Soldier Story Modern US Army in Afghanistan x4
Soldier Story WWII 442nd Henry Kano x4

Sideshow PT R. Lee Ermey x6

Dragon WWII British Terry Davies x1
Dragon WWII German Ludwig x1
Dragon WWII German Werner Lehmann x1
Dragon WWII German Rolf Wagner x2

Update for 08/23/12


Soldier Story FCS Testing Team ACU Version x1

3R Adolf 1940-1945 x1
3R Toshiro Mifune x1

Update for 07/06/12

New Breakdown & Restock!

Soldier Story Navy Seal Team VI Neptune’s Spear x4

Hot Toys Sucker Punch Baby Doll x5

Update for 07/05/12


Also added several Misc items, mostly Sideshow and Hot Toys.

Hot Toys Thor Odin x2
Hot Toys Bruce Lee 70’s Suit x3
Hot Toys TrueType TTM18 x5
Hot Toys TrueType TTM19 x6

Sideshow GI Joe Zartan x3
Sideshow Buffy Prophecy Buffy x2
Sideshow Buffy Angelus x1
Sideshow Buffy Vampire Willow x1

BBI Cycom Spectre x3
BBI Cycom Fireblade x3

DID WWII German Heinz Guderian x4
DID WWII USA William Bowman x1

Triad Otaku Tan x2

Soldier Story WWII German Feldgendarmerie Des Heeres 1945 x3

Product Update for 05/28/2012

New Breakdown & Restock!

Hot Toys Sucker Punch Baby Doll

Soldier Story 2nd Expeditionary Battalion in Afghanistan

3R WWII German Hayden Christ
3R WWII German Joseph G.

Product Update for 04/12/2012

New Breakdowns & Restock!

TTL Fashion Man x4 Each Version

Ignite Julius Caesars Legions (Various Parts)

Hot Toys Classic Predator x1

Sideshow Star Wars Desert Sands Sandtrooper x4

Phicen Laura II Tumulus Raider x1

Cal Tek French Infantryman x1

Dragon Konrad Furst x1
Dragon Rudolf Geisler x1
Dragon Werner Krieg x1

Product Update for 04/05/2012

 Restock & New Pre-Orders!

Hot Toys 1989 Batman x3

Sideshow Star Wars Commander Gree x4

InFlames Metal Boss Original Version x1

Soldier Story Man In Suit x2

Ignite Netherland Musketeer x3

New Boxed Pre Orders
Hot Toys DX Terminator 2 T-800 Arnold (Pre Order Parts Coming Soon!)
Hot Toys Avengers Hawkeye
Sideshow GI Joe Snake Eyes with Timber
Sideshow Star Wars Tusken Raider

Product Update for 03/14/2012


MW Toy Defense of the Reich Fighter Pilot x3

Soldier Story 75th Ranger In Afghanistan x3

Sideshow Star Wars Leia Boushh Disguise x3

Product Update for 03/08/2012


Hot Toys DX Jack Sparrow x3

ACI Flamma Gladiator x5

Soldier Story DEVGRU Gold Team x2