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Product Update for 02/25/2011

New Breakdowns, New Pre-Orders, New Custom Parts, & Restock!

Soldier Story Man In Suit (Jeff Bridges aka Obadiah Stane from Iron Man)

Figures Home WWII US 101st Airborne Paratrooper Normandy

Individual parts are now available for our #1 Zombie Killer

Hot Toys The Terminator T-800
Hot Toys Resident Evil Jill Valentine Battle Suit NEW!
Hot Toys Predators Tracker Predator NEW!
Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Viper NEW!

Product Update for 08/28/2010

New Breakdown, Custom Accessories & New Boxed Pre-Orders!

Toys City WWII German Mountain Troop MG Gunner

Wastelander Accessories

Hot Toys Predators Royce, Falconer, & Berserker (NEW!)
Hot Toys Platoon Chris Taylor (NEW!)
Hot Toys DX 04 Bruce Lee from Enter the Dragon (NEW!)
Sideshow Star Wars Commander Cody (NEW!)

Product Update for 07/14/10

New Breakdowns, Restock, & A New Custom Part!

Custom Grim Reaper Robe

Hot Toys
CIA Afghanistan
Air Force TACP

Hot Toys Cuban Female Parts

Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Sniper
Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Officer

Dragon Modern MOPP Flip

Product Update for 06/18/2010

*Update for 06/18/10*

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Dragon WWII US Charles West

DID WWII German Major Erwin Konig (Ed Harris)

Magic Treasure Items Including Mix & Match Lightsaber Hilts & Blades

Custom Grim Reaper Robe

TTL Female Heads

We received the remainder of our Hot Toys Dark Knight Joker figures. Sorry no sign of Batman yet.
Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker
Hot Toys DX01 Joker

Product for 03/31/2010

*Update for 03/31/10*

New Breakdowns, New Customs, & Restock!

Sideshow Twilight Zone Kanamit
Sideshow Star Wars Bubo and Salacious Crumb Creature Packs

“Generic” Food Boxes

Hot Toys British Tank Commander