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Update for 06/17/13

It’s time to thank you all once again for continuing to support Toy Anxiety! Use the coupon code TATHANKSU at checkout when placing an order and you’ll receive 10% off your entire order! The only thing we ask is that you do NOT order any pre order items with this code. If any pre order items are ordered with the code, they will be cancelled. This code will be valid through Sunday June 23rd, Midnight MST. Our website continues to thrive thanks to all of you and this hobby that you support! We look forward to what the future has to offer in the 1:6 world!

-Your friends at Toy Anxiety!

New Boxed Figures & Restock!

TTL Nude Bodies 3 Types Male, 1 Type Female (Packaged Only)

Hot Toys TrueTypes TTM20, TTM21, TTM22 (Boxed Only)

GI Joe General Hawk x3
Sideshow Star Wars Luke Jedi x1
Sideshow Star Wars Commander Praji x1

Update for 06/25/12


TTL Pararescue Jumper x2
TTL Green Beret ODA721 x2

Dragon Straydog x2

Product Update for 05/11/2012

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys 1989 DX Joker x6

Toys City Combat Diver x4

Loading Toys Faris x6

CM Toys Rubber Muscular Bodies (Boxed Only)

Hot Toys Michael Jackson Beat It x4
Hot Toys Pirates of the Caribbean AWE Sao Feng x4

Sideshow Zartan x2

Product Update for 03/21/2012

New Breakdown & Restock!

ACI Andrew Nude Muscle Bodies (Boxed Only)

Toys City JSOC T1 Special Mission Unit

Sideshow GI Joe Dusty
Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Desert Sniper

Product Update for 01/26/2012

New Breakdown, Pre-Order, & Restock!

TTL US Navy Corpsman

Hot Toys Dark Knight Tumbler Batmobile
(US Shipping Only on this one, sorry. Also, please do not order this with any other products to keep shipping accurate.)

Sideshow Star Wars Desert Sands Sandtrooper

Art Figures Avenger

Product Update for 01/16/2012

New Breakdowns, Restock & Pre-Order!

Art Figures Force Delta SFC (x4)

TTL Canvas Shoes Male & Female

Hot Toys TrueType TTM18 (x6)

Triad John Carter (x1)

Soldier Story Joachim Peiper (x3)

21st Century Toys Auz & Tazz (x1)

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I 2.0

Product Update for 11/18/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

TTL: Female PMC Baby

Soldier Story: Modern USMC 2nd Expeditionary Battalion

Loading Toys: Soaper Head Set (Parted Out)
Loading Toys: Hot Mask Set (Parted Out)

Hot Toys: Sweeney Todd

DC Direct Watchmen Dr. Manhattan

Product Update for 10/14/2011

New Breakdowns!

DAM Chalk Leader 75th Ranger

Toys City US Navy NSW Marksman

Product Update for 09/23/2011

New Breakdowns, New Pre-Orders, & Restock!

Crazy Owner Ninja Accessory Sets

3R Goebbels Accessories

TTL Female Heads

Toys City Green Beret

Sideshow Star Wars Padme Ilum Mission


New Boxed Pre Orders
Hot Toys Predators Noland
Sideshow Star Wars Boba Fett

Phicen Laura II Tumulus Raider

Dragon Modern US Gil
Dragon WWII German Walter Schmidt

Hot Toys Sarah Connor

Sideshow Star Wars Commander Cody

Product Update for 09/08/2011

New Breakdown & Restock!

TrueType Narrow Shoulder TTM18

Toys City Pararescue Jumper

3R Joseph Goebbels

Hot Toys Friend

Sideshow GI Joe Dusty