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Update for 06/07/13

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Soldier Story PLA Counterattack Against Vietnam in Self Defense V2 x3

Phicen Nina x4

Dragon WWII German Dieter Muller x3

Shrunken Head Studios Bits & Pieces x6

VTS Dark Soldier x4

Update for 04/18/2013

Hello everyone,

Just to update what is going on with Joker 2.0. Sideshow is receiving them in an “undetermined amount of split shipments” and they will be sent to their wholesale accounts as they turn up. Our first batch was only 12 figures, so we were unable to fulfill all pre orders on the first round. All boxed pre orders were shipped, and most of the part pre orders, but about 15 orders remain to be fulfilled. We made our best effort to fulfill them in the order we received them. If you did not receive a shipped notice for your pre orders, you are one who will, unfortunately, have to wait for the next batch. I’ve emailed Sideshow, but have gotten no word yet on when the next batch will show up. Please be patient with us as it is out of our control. We’ve waited this long, hopefully a bit longer won’t be a problem.

Thank you all!

-Toy Anxiety


Virtual Toys Violent Samurai x3

Update for 02/22/13

New Breakdown & Restock!

Hot Toys Metal Gear Solid 3 The Boss x6

Dark Soldier x2 (Last 2 unless we can get more)

Update for 02/15/13


Sideshow Star Wars Commander Neyo x3
Sideshow Star Wars Tusken Raider x3
Sideshow GI Joe Crimson Guard x3

Virtual Toys Zombie Killer x4

Update for 07/25/12

New Breakdown & Restock!

Cal Tek Dress Marine x2 (Very Limited)

ACI Skull

Sideshow Star Wars Boba Fett x4
Sideshow Star Wars Endor Sergeant & Pathfinder x1 Each

Dragon Modern Nigel x1

Virtual Toys Gang JP & US x4 Each

Product Update for 02/27/2012

New Breakdown & Restock!

ThreeA Pathfinder OYA TK ONO x3 (This is all we have right now)

Virtual Toys City Detective x4
Virtual Toys Explorer x4

Sideshow Star Wars Commander Gree x1

Dragon WWII German Baldur Schnell x1
Dragon WWII German Victor Oehrn x1
Dragon WWII German Werner Lehmann x1

Product Update for 08/19/2011

New Breakdowns!

TTL Female Denim Sets

Virtual Toys Gang US & Japan

Product Update for 07/29/2011

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys Predators Tracker Predator

Sideshow Star Wars Boil and Waxer
Sideshow Brotherhood of Arms Tecumseh
Sideshow Monty Python Life of Brian – Brian & Mandy

Zombie Survival Sets

Virtual Toys Explorer
Virtual Toys City Detective

Product Update for 08/27/2010


Virtual Toys City Detective (last 1)

Virtual Toys Explorer (last 1)

Playhouse GSG-9 Low Profile

Dragon Stefans Nasse

BBI Bruno
BBI Officer Burns

Product Update for 08/23/2010


Hot Toys T-1000 Sarah Connor Disguise

Virtual Toys Explorer
Virtual Toys City Detective

Soldier Story Fallschirmjager

Dragon WWII US Brad Mason

Dragon Vietnam Lihn
Dragon WWII German Anton Bohm
Dragon WWII German Ulrich Schafer
Dragon WWII German Gustav Bayer
Dragon WWII German Pieter Volpert

Twisting Toys
Domenico, Andrea, Fabio and Mario