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Update for 06/01/12

New Items, New Breakdowns, New Pre-Order & Restock!

Crazy Owner Last Samurai
Crazy Owner Camo & Black Ninja Uniform and Accessory Sets x5 Each

ACU 1:6 Display Case

Hot Toys Dark Knight Rises Bat Pod

Hot Toys Watchmen Silk Spectre x1

Medicom RAH Jango Fett x1

Sideshow GI Joe Black Dragon Ninja x3

Product Update for 11/03/2011


Hot Toys Predators: Falconer Predator
Hot Toys Predators: Berserker Predator

DC Direct Watchmen: the Comedian

Wondercon 2011 Costume Photos (Part III)


Product Update for 02/21/2011

Restock with a few surprises, one each of the following!

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Black Widow
Hot Toys Watchmen Silk Spectre
Hot Toys Predator 2 Lost Predator (yes, you read that right)
Hot Toys Abigail Whistler

Triad Lola
Triad Barb Wire

Playhouse US Marine Gear 2.0

Dragon WWII German Eugen Brecht
Dragon WWII German Wilhelm Schaper
Dragon WWII German Gunther Witz
Dragon WWII German Alder Fisher
Dragon WWII German Andreas Zillmer
Dragon WWII German Pieter Volpert

Product Update for 09/13/2010

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Toys City Navy Seal Rifleman

Lots of new Misc.

DC Direct Dr. Manhattan

Ignite Knight of Outremer II
Ignite Viking Mercenaries
Ignite Spartan King

Dragon Josh Mason

50+ San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2010 Items in our Exclusives List!

As of today, we have listed 50+ San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2010 exclusive items in our list. We expect the list to reach around 100 exclusive items by the time Comic-Con starts. Check back every few days to see what has been added. If you are a manufacturer, please let us know what cool things you are going to offer and we will post it on our blog.

At the end of each blog will be a little exclusive button which will take your right back here for easy navigation (you can click on it now to go to our exclusives page).

So stay tuned and we will keep you up-to-date on all thing San Diego Comic-Con.

SDCC 2010 Exclusive #50: Heroclix Watchmen “Dr. Manhattan” Collossal Figure

Heroclix Watchmen “Dr. Manhattan” Collossal Figure

Price: $80.00
Production Run: 504

An exclusive Watchmen Heroclix Dr. Manhattan colossal figure from Wizkids Games and NECA. Figure stands over 14″ tall and comes in deluxe packaging. 100 per day, limited to 2 per person.

Product Update for 07/07/2010

*Update for 07/07/10*

New Breakdown & Restock!

Loading Toys Courier Parts (Only 1 Available)

Medicom RAH Star Wars Jango Fett & Sandtrooper. Parts but not a complete figure breakdown.

Lots of new Misc.

Hot Toys Comedian and Silk Spectre. This is the last breakdown for both of these figures.
Hot Toys Resident Evil 4 Jack Krauser

Product Update for 06/16/2010

*Update for 06/16/10*

New Breakdowns!

Hot Toys Iron Man Tony Stark Mech Test

Toms Forrest

Art Figures Redemption

Custom 1/6th misc.
Watchmen 1940’s Minutemen Photo
Coke Bottle

Product Update for 06/14/2010

Update for 06/14/10

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Triad Vanity
Triad Lola
Triad Soul Calibur Taki
Triad Otaku Female Basic Figures

ZC World Firearms Collection (Parted Out)

Soldier Story FCS Testing Team TF Versioni

TTL Men’s Fashion Sets B & C (Parted Out)

DC Direct Watchmen Rorschach

Hot Toys Resident Evil 5: Sheva Alomar
Hot Toys Terminator Salvation John Connor Final Battle

Dragon Satoni Andrea
Dragon Gustav Mohr