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Update for 04/30/13

New Breakdowns, Restock, & Pre-Orders!

Hot Toys Dark Knight Camo Tumbler

X-Series Nude Figures x4 each + Boxed

Loading Toys Eudor Head Sculpt

DID WWII German Lutz Fedder

Hot Toys Iron Man 3: Mark XLII Diecast
Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 3: XXXV Red Snapper Power Pose
Sideshow Star Wars Commander Wolffe
Sideshow Star Wars Darth Malgus

Update for 04/15/13

New Breakdown & Restock!

DID WWII US General Patton x4

Dragon WWII German Horst & Blits x3 (minus the Blitz)

Update for 03/07/13

New Breakdowns, Restock & New Pre-Order!

DID WWII German Niels x4

Dragon WWII German Cyber Hobby Christoph Metzger x3

Sideshow Terminator T-800 x1

ZC World Hommes Vol 10 x1 (Last one unless we can get more)

Hot Toys The Expendables 2: Barney Ross

Update for 12/05/12

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Sideshow Star Wars Utapau Airborne Trooper x5

ZC World Carson x5

Dragon Falklands War Phil Norman x2
Dragon Falklands War Pete Winner x2

Hot Toys Avengers Hawkeye x5

Sideshow Star Wars Bib Fortuna x1

Update for 11/29/12

New Breakdowns, New Boxed Figure, New Pre-Order, & Restock!

Hot Toys Dark Knight Rises Batman x6

Hot Toys Iron Monger (Boxed Only)

Enterbay Game of Death Bruce Lee x3

ZC World Hommes Volume 8 x4

Water Monster Jumpsuit x4

Steve Hartman
Max Winzel

Gladiator Myrmillo x1
Viking Mercenaries x1
Netherlands Musketeer x2
Julius Caesar x1
Julius Caesar’s Legions: Signifer x1

Hot Toys Terminator 2 Battle Damaged DX T-800

Update for 11/14/12

New Breakdowns!

Hot Toys Avengers Hawkeye x6

Kaustik Plastic Valerius

Dragon WWII German Heinrich Sager
Dragon Falklands War Dhak Gurung

Update for 10/15/12

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Dragon Falkland War Dave Wilson x3
Dragon Falkland War Robert Hughman x3

ACI Gladiator Flamma x4 (forgot to mention this one in a previous update)

Update for 10/11/12


Hot Toys Samurai Predator x3
Hot Toys Captain America x2

Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Desert Officer x3

DID Max Muller x4 (2 Clean, 2 Dirty)

Update for 10/03/12

New Breakdown & Restock!

Hot Toys Samurai Predator (Limited Quantities) x4

DID WWI British Albert Brown x3

3R WWII German Herbert Otto Gille x3

Soldier Story Modern EODMU x3

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