SDCC 2011 Exclusives List


Last Updated 07/23/2011

Welcome San Diego Comic-Con 2011 visitors! Each year, we blog about all of the exclusive products that will be at SDCC this year. Last year we blogged about 73 exclusives and expect that number to be much higher this year. The Con is all sold out and is scheduled for July 21st through the 24th. So we are just getting started with this year’s list but check back every few days to see what has been added. If you are a manufacturer, please let us know what cool things you are going to offer and we will post it on our blog.

At the end of each blog will be a little exclusive button which will take your right back here for easy navigation.

So stay tuned and we will keep you up-to-date on all thing San Diego Comic-Con.

#1: Sideshow Collectibles Iron Man Bust Set

#2: Sideshow Collectibles G.I. Joe Cobra Ninja Fighter

#3: Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Clone Trooper

#4: Sideshow Collectibles AVP Predator Mask Set

#5: Hasbro Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi 14 Figure Death Star Set

#6: Hasbro GI Joe Zarana (Standard Pink Version + Black Leather Variant)

#7: Hasbro GI Joe/Transformer Starscream

#8: NECA Gremlins Gizmo Comic Con Edition

#9: Entertainment Earth Icons of The Twilight Zone Bobble Head

#10: Hasbro Indiana Jones Boxed Set

#11: Entertainment Earth LOST Polar Bear Bobble Head

#12: Mattel Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

#13: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Queen Marlena Figure

#14: Mattel Hot Wheels Back to the Future Vehicle

#15: Mattel Young Justice Superboy in Cloning Chamber

#16: Mattel Green Lantern Kilowog Action Figure

#17: Mattel Green Lantern Carol Ferris Barbie Doll

#18: Mattel Blazing Sword Voltron

#19: Mattel Masters of the Universe (MOTUC) Polly Pocket Collection

#20: Mattel DC Universe Swamp Thing (plus Un-Men in SDCC packages)

#21: Mattel Hot Wheels Franken Berry Vehicle

#22: Mattel Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Doll

#23: Entertainment Earth Doctor Who TARDIS Bobble Head

#24: Entertainment Earth Venture Bros. Rusty & Jonas Venture Sr. w/Tin Tote

#25: Entertainment Earth Doctor Who Cyberleader & The Master Exclusive Action Figures

#26: Entertainment Earth Twilight Zone Bob Wilson / Don Carter Figure

#27: ThreeA IDW HEavy Bramble WWRp

#28: ThreeA Slaughterhouse WWRp

#29: ThreeA Ascended Popbot with Kitty

#30: Factory Entertainment Green Hornet Diecast

#31: ThreeA NOM Nightwatch Heavy Bramble (WWRp Scale)

#32: Kotobukiya DC Comics Evil Supergirl Limited Edition

#33: Kotobukiya Marvel Invisible Woman

#34: Factory Entertainment The Green Hornet Movie Black Beauty Diecast Vehicle – Camouflage Mode

#35: Factory Entertainment The Beatles Silhouette Cover Diecast

#36: Diamond Comic Distributors Godzilla Gangsters & Goliaths #1

#37: Diamond Comic Distributors DOLLHOUSE EPITAPHS #1

#38: Diamond Comic Distributors ULTIMATE COMICS FALLOUT #1

#39: Diamond Comic Distributors WALKING DEAD #87


#41: Diamond Comic Distributors EMMA FROST BISHOUJO STATUE

#42: Diamond Comic Distributors MARVEL VS CAPCOM MINIMATES BOX SET

#43: Mezco Scott Pilgrim Summer Exclusive – Premiere at SDCC 2011

#44: Mezco Wonder Woman Key Chain

#45: Mezco Living Dead Dolls

#46: Mezco Little Big Planet: SDCC SackBoy Set

#47: Mezco DC Universe Mez-Itz Green Lantern & Sinestro Comic Version 2-Pack

#48: Monogram Captain America Resin Bust Bank

#49: Monogram Disney Kingdom Hearts Gold Mickey and Sora Exclusives

#50: Monogram 1st Series Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Paperweight Set

#51: Monogram Marvel Miniature Alliance Red and Green Hulk

#52: Gentle Giant Star Wars Vinyl Cape Jawa Vintage Kenner 12″ Figure

#53: Gentle Giant Harry Potter Neville Longbottom Mini Bust

#54: Gentle Giant Captain America Mini Bust

#55: Gentle Giant Star Wars McQuarrie Snowtrooper Mini Bust

#56: Gentle Giant Sucker Punch Baby Doll Mini Bust

#57: Funko Buzz Lightyear Metallic Pop! Vinyl

#58: Retro Outlaw Studios Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange Droog Leader

#59: Tamashii Nations D-Arts Megaman X Metallic Figure

#60: Tamashii Nations S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Son Goku (Special Color Edition)

#61: NECA Predators Action Figure Guardian Predator [Gort Mask]

#62: Hasbro Special Edition Marvel Mini Muggs Collector’s Pack

#63: Triad Toys Dead Cell’s Jade Van Helsing

#64: Toys”R”Us Exclusive TRANSFORMERS Masterpiece RODIMUS PRIME action figure from Hasbro

#65: Toys”R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con ThunderCats “Classic Lion-O” Action Figure from Bandai America Incorporated

#66: Toys”R”Us Exclusive Comic-Con Preview of HALO “Master Chief Platinum” Action Figure from McFarlane Toys

#67: Toys”R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Star Wars: Republic Commando Action Figure Set from Hasbro

#68: Toys”R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con DCU vs. MOTU-Bizarro vs. Battle Armor Faker from Mattel

#69: Toys”R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Mortal Kombat “Lightning Fury Raiden” action figure from Jazwares, Inc.

#70: Toys”R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con “Flocked Sonic” action figure from Jazwares, Inc.

#71: Toys”R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Minimates Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds figures from Diamond Select

#72: Gentle Giant Stan Lee San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

#73: IDW Publishing Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones #1

#74: IDW Publishing Baja Graphic Novel

#75: IDW Publishing Dorothy of Oz Prequel Graphic Novel

#76: IDW Publishing Fat Tarino Art Book

#77: IDW Publishing Locke & Key

#78: IDW Publishing Walter Simonson’s The Mighty Thor: Artist’s Edition

#79: IDW Publishing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

#80: IDW Publishing Dave Stevens: The Complete Sketchbook Collection


#82: IDW Publishing Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters

#83: IDW Publishing TRANSFORMERS #22 Variant Issue

#84: IDW Publishing True Blood: Tainted Love #1 Legacy Edition

#85: IDW Publishing COMPLETE ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS Hardcover Edition

#86: Hasbro 16 Inch Marvel Sentinel

#87: Toy Supervillain The Sucklord Lavender Guard Action Figure

#88: Dark Horse Comics Syroco Statue of Peter Parker as 50% Spider-Man

#89: Gentle Giant Squirrelpool SDCC Exclusive Mini Bust

#90: 2000 AD Exclusive Judge Dredd T-shirt

#91: Action Figure Xpress Thundercats Mumm-Ra The Ever Living Deluxe PVC Staction Figure

#92: Action Figure Xpress Star Wars Stormtrooper Commander ArtFx+ Collectible Figures Two-Pack

#93: Famous Monsters of Filmland #257 w/ Cover by Rick Baker

#94: Graphitti Designs FLASHPOINT: ZOOM Action Figure

#95: Mimoco Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive

#96: Mimoco Bossk Star Wars Series 7 MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive

#97: Hallmark Cards Comic Book Guy – The Simpsons Ornament

#98: Hallmark Cards IG-88 and Dengar – Star Wars Ornament

#99: Hallmark Cards Descending Upon Gotham – Batman Ornament

#100: Acme Archives Ltd Empire of Style by legendary artist Alex Ross

#101: Pullip Catwoman and Batgirl Dolls

#102: IDW The Big Book of Carl Barks’ Barney Bear

#103: Tokidoki Captain America Comic-Con Exclusives T-Shirt and Cap-Cap

#104: Warner Bros. Comic-Con Tote Bags

#105: Tokidoki X Marvel Frenzies

#106: Four Horsemen, Outer Space Men Set

#107: Disney Phineas & Ferb Tuxedo Agent P

#108: Lego Star Wars Advent Calender Exclusive Set

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9 responses

  1. any idea if there is a hot toys exclusive for this event… =)

  2. someone told me its a mark iv exclusive can you verify that thanks

  3. Yes it is the mark iv secret project figure. It has already sold out at sideshow collectibles. Sorry.

  4. Get on Sideshow’s “waitlist” NOW!!

    You might still have a chance if you really want this figure.

  5. Why are you not getting the 2 Transformers Exclusives.

    I was hoping you guys would get Transformers: Dark Of The Moon SDCC Exclusive “Ultimate Optimus Prime.

    And. Transformers: Prime – Optimus Prime in the Matrix case 😦

    *sigh* oh well. 😦

  6. […] Now for that link to the full list. […]

  7. How come you haven’t listed Hasbro’s 12” Sentinel figure ?

    1. It is out there now. It is 16 inches. Michael

      1. I thought the Purple Sentinel (sorry for the wrong size) was a SDCC exclusive. This was said on many websites. I happen to be from another country so it’s a bit difficult to follow everything. I don’t want to be ripped off on ebay so can I actually get it somewhere else ?

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