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Product Update for 01/05/2011


Hot Toys Clash of the Titans Perseus

TTL CIA Operative (only 1)

Ignite The Viking
Ignite Knight of Outremer II

Art Figures Saves (Punisher)

Product Update for 01/03/2011


Hot Toys TrueType Both Females

Dragon WWII US Tak
Dragon WWII German Erich & Heinrich Machine Gun Team
Dragon Modern Ulrich

Ignite Viking II
Ignite Knight Of Outremer

DC Direct The Spirit

Playhouse GSG9 Low Profile

Product Update for 12/30/2010

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Loading Toys Marcus Head & Propane Tanks

Triad Boxed Nudes (Omega, Evo, Eva) should be on later tonight.

Triad Soul Callibur Taki

Product Update for 12/29/2010

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Art Figures Saves (Punisher)

Added missing Jill Valentine leotards, somehow missed putting this part on when we broke them down.

Hot Toys Platoon: Chris Taylor
Hot Toys Predators: Royce (one)
Hot Toys Terminator 2: T-1000 (one)
Hot Toys Terminator 2: Sarah Connor (one)

Product Update for 12/23/2010

Due to the holidays falling on the weekends, no orders will be shipped between Friday afternoon and Tuesday Morning.
Thank you very much, and we would like to wish all of you Happy Holidays, and a very Happy and Safe New Year!

-Everyone at Toy Anxiety

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Hot Toys Platoon Chris Taylor

Triad Vanity
Triad Otaku (3 Versions)

Sideshow Star Wars Darth Maul
Sideshow Star Wars Asajj Ventress

Product Update for 12/22/2010

New Breakdowns!

Hot Toys Predators Berserker Predator

Sideshow Star Wars Greedo

ACI Judo Coach (Vladimir Putin)

Triad Barb Wire

3R Adolf Hitler 1929-1939

Product Update for 12/20/2010


Triad Soul Calibur IV Taki
Triad Emperador Light & Dark

DC Direct Dr. Manhattan
DC Direct Sandman

Product Update for 12/16/2010


Triad Josh Randall (Includes parts previously unavailable)
Triad Tyrus

Product Update for 12/15/2010

Restock & New Pre-Order!

Sideshow Indiana Jones ROTLA

Hot Toys TrueType Female Cuban
Hot Toys Predators Royce

BBi Officer Burns

New Pre-Order Sideshow Star Wars Gartogg Gamorrean Guard

Product Update for 12/11/2010

New Breakdown!

DID WWII German Hermann Hanke