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San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusive #89: Applehead Factory Zombie Hester Mini and Journal Set

Applehead Factory has announced details of its San Diego Comic-Con exclusive: the Zombie Hester Mini and Journal set, a tie-in with the popular line of adorably terrifying teddy bears known as Teddy Scares.

What’s cool about this Hester Mini-Journal set is that it’s actually two exclusives in one. Each set includes an 8” Zombie Hester Golem doll and an Edwin Morose “Friends for Never” Journal that will only be available at Applehead Factory’s Booth #4923.

Zombie Hester comes dressed in an orderly outfit with dress shirt and bow tie. His shirt is emblazoned with a San Diego Comic-Con logo on his sleeve. Hester has a zombie bite on his arm, but that is not the worst of his wounds – he comes with a removable brain! The Bear and Journal set is priced at $20.00 and limited to only 150 pieces! Get yours while supplies last!

SDCC 2011 Exclusive #89: Gentle Giant Squirrelpool SDCC Exclusive Mini Bust

Originally created an April Fool’s Joke from the Marvel Comics website, Gentle Giant is proud to bring you an original character – Squirrelpool! Based on everyone’s favorite Merc With a Mouth, Squirrelpool is undoubtedly just as skilled a fighter and vicious a killer as his human counterpart. If he could speak English, this ravaging rodent would undoubtedly be just as foul as well.Cast in high quality polystone, individually numbered and hand-painted, this truly unique mini bust is ready to burst onto your shelf and into the Marvel  Universe! Make Mine Marvel!

Limited Edition of 550 Pieces

Pre-orders are open to Premier Guild  members with current membership status. If you have not renewed/purchased your  2011 membership your order will be voided/canceled. Pre-orders will be shipped  after San Diego Comic Con. This item is limited to one per customer account.  ALL duplicate orders will be canceled.