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Faora vs. Superman Battle, from the Man of Steel Plano, Illinois Shoot

Faora vs. Superman battle, from the Man of Steel Plano, Illinois shoot, revealed a standoff in the middle of Smallville between Superman, Faora and an as-of-yet unnamed Kryptonian.

The info comes to us from the Super Hero Hype Forums from a user that claims his source works in the magazine industry.

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusive #47 Diamond Select Amazing Spider-Man Sewer Battle Marvel Minimates 2-Pack

Amazing Spider-Man Sewer Battle Marvel Minimates 2-Pack

In this summer’s blockbuster movie, the Amazing Spider-Man and the ferocious Lizard did battle under the streets of New York City, and Diamond Select Toys is adding to their popular movie assortment with two new Minimates! Tiny two-inch minifigures of Spidey and the Lizard get a splash of sewage in this exclusive two-pack. Available from Diamond Comic Distributors (Booth #2401) and Diamond Select Toys (#2607).

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusive #46: Diamond Select Battle Beasts Minimates Vorin and Zik 2-Pack

Battle Beasts Minimates Vorin and Zik 2-Pack

The first series of Battle Beasts Minimates won’t be out until this fall, but Diamond Select Toys is offering fans a preview set that’s only at SDCC! The fully painted two-pack of 2-inch Beasts includes the heroic ram Vorin, star of the IDW comic series, and an all-new villainous dragonfly character, Zik! Available from Diamond Comic Distributors (Booth #2401) and Diamond Select Toys (#2607).

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusives #42: Diamond Select Battle Beasts #1 Comic Book with Exclusive SDCC Cover

Battle Beasts #1 with Exclusive SDCC Cover

The first issue of IDW’s new Battle Beasts comic book mini-series is here, and SDCC will have its very own cover! Depicting heroic beasts Vorin, Merk and Gruntos about to do battle on the steps of the San Diego Convention Center, this souvenir edition will be available from Diamond Comic Distributors (Booth #2401) and Diamond Select Toys (#2607), as well as numerous retailers on the show floor.

SDCC 2011 Exclusive #68: Toys”R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con DCU vs. MOTU-Bizarro vs. Battle Armor Faker from Mattel

Toys”R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con DCU vs. MOTU-Bizarro vs. Battle Armor Faker from Mattel

Combining two beloved franchises, DC Universe Classics vs. Masters of the Universe Classics, this “Bizarro vs. Battle Armor Faker” 2-Pack set brings iconic mirror image baddies together for the first time! Featuring a dastardly duo of villainy – The Man of Steel’s inverted nemesis and The Most Powerful Man in the Universe’s evil, robotic duplicate – fans can now battle for doppelganger supremacy of Metropolis and Eternia! The set contains Bizarro and Battle Armor Faker figures, accessories, comic book reprint packaging, as well as an exclusive mini-poster.

SDCC 2010 Exclusive #60: Iron Man 2 Battle Tactics Minimates

Price: $16.00
Production Run: 2,000

Quick decisions and spontaneous tactics are necessary on the battlefield, factors this exclusive Battle Tactics Minimates box set definitely possesses! Featuring the master strategist Nick Fury, Racetrack Tony Stark and Battle Damaged versions of both the Mark VI Iron Man and War Machine – this exclusive set delivers the stars of Iron Man 2 as you’ve never seen them! Each Minimate stands two inches tall and includes 14 points of articulation plus removable and interchangeable parts and accessories.

Custom District 9 Prawn Mecha Battle Suit Maquette


OttoDestruct sent me a comment that he has also created a custom figure from the District 9 movie. It looks pretty impressive so, I am highlighted his eBay auction this morning.

The other two eBay auctions ended kinda confusing for me. One ended at $10,000 which I don’t know if people were messing with him, and the other ended at $5,300 which I am unsure was a real bid too. Hopefully, if the bids were not valid, that the sellers do not get hit with the eBay seller fees.

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Here is the eBay text from the Prawn Mecha Battle Suit Maquette.

This is a custom built “Prawn” battle suit from the amazing new movie District 9.
I got one look at this bad boy on screen and I knew I had to build one!
This piece is 9″ Tall and in scale with 3.3/4 or 1/18th scale figures as you can see from the photo (Gi Joe is not included)
This model is, I feel one of my best and I poured a lot of heart and soul into it.Here are some features!
I scoured the internet for multiple photos of the suit to make it as film accurate as possible.
It  has multiple points of articulation and is fairly poseable .
The model is also covered in Non-Human script from the film which says things like Caution , or Keep Back.I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I did building it!