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Disneyana Fan Club’s Disneyana Collectible Expo – February 16, 2014

The Disneyana Fan Club’s Disneyana Collectible Expo is the place where you will find the best mix of Disney collectibles and products, old and new, anywhere on the planet!  The expo takes place on Sunday, February 16, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Resort in Garden Grove, California. The expo will run from 10:00 a.m. til 5:00 p.m. for the general public and with Disneyana Fan Club Members being granted admission at 9:00 a.m.

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Disneyana Fan Club Expo

All happening at:

Crowne Plaza Resort

12021 Harbor Blvd

Garden Grove, California 92840

Some of the special celebrities joining us at the Disneyana Collectible Expo on Sunday, February 16th, will be Richard Anderson, Lou Wagner, Hank Jones and Gary Dublin.

Mr. Anderson guest starred on the Disney TV series “Zorro” and on two episodes of “The Wonderful World of Disney”.

Mr. Wagner performed in Walt Disney’s “Blackbeard’s Ghost”.Mr. Jones performed in many Disney films during the 1960’s and 1970’s, including “Blackbeard’s Ghost”, “Herbie Rides Again”, “The Shaggy D.A.”, “The Cat From Outer Space”, and “No Deposit, No Return”.

Mr. Dublin was the voice for Toulouse in Disney’s “The Aristocats”.Listed Disneyana Fan Club’s Special Guests are subject to change due to their availability.

Admission does not guarantee being able to meet every Special Guest. Additional purchase or fee maybe required for a photo or autographs, depending on the individual celebrity.If you would like more information on how to sell at this or one of our future events, please contact Patti at dfcpatti(at)aol.com.

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San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusive #76: Toys“R”Us Exclusive WINX Club Princess Bloom doll from JAKKS Pacific

Toys“R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con WINX Club® Princess Bloom doll  from JAKKS® Pacific

Once an ordinary girl, Bloom lived a normal life in the city of Gardenia until she met Stella, a princess from the planet Solaria. Coming to Stella’s aid, Bloom discovered her magical powers and joined Alfea, the best fairy school in all the realms. Now Winx Club fans can take home this 11.5-inch articulated version of Bloom with a sparkling torso, as well as a shimmery blue and black outfit, which perfectly complements her tinted, glitter and gem Belivix wings. Princess Bloom is ready to flutter home with conventioneers for $30.

Today! Phoenix Antiques, Bottles & Collectibles Club Show and Sale

What: Phoenix Antiques, Bottles & Collectibles Club Show and Sale

When: 9am – 4pm Today

Where: North Phoenix Baptist Church, 5757 N. Central Ave.

Admission: $3

Details: 602-317-4438, www.phoenixantiquesclub.org

Flash Forward: Ghost in the Machine (Spoiler Alert!)

alreadyghostsAl Gough jumped.

With that, the rules of Flash Forward changed.  People with flashforwards can actually die before their flashforward occurs. Also, this means that people who have had flashforwards might not necessarily live to see them come true.

Celia's FlyerWe find out early in the episode that Celia is left a flyer on her car windshield. It is for www.alreadyghosts.com (which is a real Web site, which directs you to ABC’s home site for Flash Forward). On the back of the flyer, someone wrote “We know you are one of us.” We can also assume that Demetri received the same flyer since we see him surfing that site.

Aaron is visited by a soldier, Mike, who served with his daughter Tracy. He gives Aaron a gift from Tracy: a pocketknife Aaron gave her before she went overseas. Aaron interprets this as a sign that Tracy is still alive.

The FBI team receives a visit from Fiona Banks (Alex Kingston). Al and her discuss their common flashforward. Alex wishes there was a way for her to help the bird that crashed into the window and ease its pain. Al leaves the room in the flashforward to take a call from his attorney uttering the words “I killed her.”

We learn that many people did not have flashforwards. They refer to themselves as “Ghosts.” It seems some entrepreneurial ghosts have set up clubs for this unfortunate group of people. Each meeting has a different Dr. Raynaud. There is an LA club meeting that night.

190px-Raynaud's_SyndromeO.K., I need to do a sidebar here. Again, Flash Forward threw an interesting name at us: Raynaud. In medicine, Raynaud’s phenomenon (pronounced /reɪˈnoʊz/, us dict: rā·nōz′) is a vasospastic disorder causing discoloration of the fingers, toes, and occasionally other extremities. This condition can also cause nails to become brittle with longitudinal ridges. Named for French physician Maurice Raynaud (1834–1881), the cause of the phenomenon is believed to be the result of vasospasms that decrease blood supply to the respective regions. Emotional stress and cold are classic triggers of the phenomenon, and the discoloration follows a characteristic pattern in time: white, blue and red. Viola! The Blue Hand!


The Blue Hand ClubMark, Demetri, and Al head downtown to check out the club. They are handstamped with a blue hand. Once inside, one of them needs to play a game of Russian Roulette with a gun. Thinking that Demetri will take up the slack here since we know he is murdered on March 15th, 2010, it comes as a surprise that Al grabs the gun and plays. Al gets to keep the one bullet in the gun which as written on it “Not Today.”

Once inside the main club area, Mark finds another artifact from his board: a matchbook with “The Blue Hand” scribbled inside.

Aaron is revisited by soldier Mike who tells him he was with Tracy when she died. After their Humvee is bombed, he sees Tracy on the ground with one leg ripped off, apparently looking dead. Perhaps she is only unconscious, but Mike did not have time to take a pulse before he had to run for his life.

Back at The Blue Hand Club, things are really rocking. I don’t know about you, but if I had six months or less to live, getting waterboarded or electrocuted would not be on the top of my list of last things to do. The guys learn that people believe that the blue hand represents “a portal. A gateway from one understanding to another. It marks the surrender to the inevitable.” They stop that night’s Dr. Raynaud from killing himself. His reason for trying to off himself can be found in Nietzsche. “If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” Ironically, the potiental cliental for The Blue Hand Club are found using Mosaic.

In what will be a poignant scene after the show, we see Al making him a batch of dirty rice which was one of his favorite meals as a kid.

Demetri comes clean with Zoey about his flashforward. Zoey tries to comfort him in the fact that they have conflicting visions. They can choose which one they want to beleive in.

Aaron gets Mike a job with his company in return for giving him peace.

AlWe wind up the episode with Al leaving Demetri a letter for Celia. We are unsure what Al did to have caused Celia’s death, but obviously it has affected him enough to end his life to save hers. His attorney says it was an accident, but Al keeps insisting it was his fault and he killed her.

So Al jumps saying “I found a way to change the game.”

The episode ends with Aaron walking in his house after work to see his daughter sitting in a chair. “Hi Dad.”

Things we learned this week

The Police - Ghost In The Machine Album Mark Benford was wearing a The Police T-shirt to the Blue Hand Club. While there is some irony in that, I thought it was more interesting it was related to their Ghost in the Machine album.

Who is Annabelle and why does Simon have her bracelet. He was looking at it fondly with a sad look on his face. His child prehaps?

We find out that Nicole speaks Japanese. She is now volunteering at Olivia’s hospital. She knows Japanese culture too (her dad was stationed in Okinawa when she was a little girl). This coincidentally draws Bryce to her and he discusses his flashforward of his mystery girl with her. Nicole is able to help Bryce understand the symbol behind the drawing he has made of the mystery girl. The symbol means “believe.”

Back in London, Fiona puts masking tape on her office window, as Al suggested, so the bird won’t fly into the window and die.