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Update for 09/26/13


GI JOE: Cobra Major Bludd x4
DC Comics: The Joker x3

Update for 08/27/13

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Veryhot FBI 2.0 x4

Hot Toys Dark Knight Rises Selina Kyle x3

Sideshow GI Joe Stalker x2
Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Desert Officer x2

Added Several Misc Triad Parts

Update for 07/26/13


Sideshow Star Wars Boba Fett x2
Sideshow GI Joe Cobra Viper x3
Sideshow GI Joe Black Dragon Ninja x4

Mattel Ghostbusters 2 Spengler/Stantz 2 Pack x3

SDCC 2011 Exclusive #7: Hasbro GI Joe/Transformer Starscream

Source: Crimson Monkey

This exclusive is a must have for Transformers and GI Joe fans as the popular Awe Strike gets repainted to look like GI Starscream. Cobra Commander is the pilot and comes with an in scale gun version of Megatron. Revealed at Toy Fair was the packaging that reflects the four issue Transformers/GI Joe comic form Marvel comics by creating a “never before seen” fifth issue.

SDCC 2011 Exclusive #2: Sideshow Cobra Ninja Fighter

Priority Pre-Order:

Attendee Edition 10AM PT on May 19th
Non-Attendee Edition 10AM PT on May 20th

Product Update for 10/16/2009

*Update for 10/16/09*

New Breakdowns!

SideShow GI JOE: Cobra Ninja Storm Shadow

Sea International Tiger Five parts
Ma Chau
Huang Zhong
Zhao Yun

New Products in our Phoenix Store

Here are the latest new products in our Phoenix store.


        GI Joe Vehicles Wave 5

                Cobra Stinger

                Cobra Arctic Hiss Tank

                Ghost HAWK

                FLAK Cannon vs Cobra CLAW


        Star Wars Clone Wars 3 3/4 Scale Turbo Tank


Biff Bang Pow! Flash Gordon Series 2


                Dale Arden in Black Dress

                Prince Barin

More Comic Con Photos – Snake Eyes


More Comic Con Photos – Rise of the Cobra


Dan sent me some photos he took at Comic Con, so I’ll post one of them each day.

Toy Anxiety has lots of G.I. Joe items in our store






Store6Our Phoenix store is filled with lots of G.I. Joe items. If there is something in particular you are looking for, e-mail Dan at the store (customerservice@toyanxiety.com) with your want list to see if he can help you. Tell Dan you saw this on the blog for a 10% discount. Offer valid until August 22nd, 2009.