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Custom District 9 Prawn Biosuit Figure on eBay

Well, it has been several months since I posted on this blog about how the action figure manufacturers missed the boat on producing figures for the District 9 movie. I even showcased some custom figures that were on eBay.

Since then, the blogs I have written about these figures have been our most popular blogs in regards to hits. Out of curiosity, I checked eBay today and there is a custom District 9 figure out there. With that said, I thought I would showcase this listing for you folks still waiting for someone to pick up this line of action figures (are you listening Hot Toys?).

Here is the listing on eBay:

Custom District 9 Prawn Biosuit Figure

Alright folks up for grabs this week is a 9 inch tall fully articulated custom prawn bot. I purchased this figure from the famous figure customizer that goes by the name of ‘sabertoothe” on figurerealm.com and as you can see he did a PERFECT job on making this mech from scratch. He used a transformers starscream 2007 movie figure for the base of the toy. Everything else is fully customized with various pieces and parts from other figures and this guy also has custom metal parts welded onto him. He also added the alien scripture and movie accurate “arc cannon” onto this beastly mech. There are super realistic weathering effects into the paint for a truly realistic looking piece. This would really make someones christmas a merry one so pick this bot up for a fraction of what I actually paid for it! If you happen to have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Toy Anxiety’s 1st Annual Custom 1:6 Scale Zombie Action Figure Contest Winners

Results from Dan:

OK, well the poll didn’t seem to work out so well, so we can all ignore those results. Should not have gone that direction, and never will again. We’re calling it. We got a couple more people locally to put in their votes, and using the tally we had before the poll, the tie is broken. Therefore, the following are the winners in the 3 categories of Zombies:

Celebrity – By a landslide, Zombie Jones by Hemble. (Sideshow Freaks Forum) We had hoped to see many more entries in this category, but regardless, it would likely have been difficult to top this one.

Nazi – Mollins won by 1 vote. (Sideshow Freaks Forum) This categories’ rules stated that the closer to the zombies featured in Call of Duty World at Wars Zombies levels, the more likely it could win. While none of the entries closely matched the game, Mollins’ captures the essence of the game in the pose and paint.

Original – The Groom by Delfire (One Sixth Warriors Forum). A tough category with so many great entries, many of you put in a lot of effort into your creations, and it was enjoyable to see them.

Congratulations guys! You’ll get a PM with details about claiming your prize.

Thanks to all who participated and supported this contest. We look forward to doing this again (with some revisions) next Halloween.


Video of a Custom District 9 Mecha Action Figure

Steef sent me this YouTube video of a custom District 9 Mecha action figure he made. Thought I would share with all of the District 9 folks out there.

Custom District 9 Alien Prawn Bust

Prawn Bust

Well, it looks like the District 9 fans want me to keep showing custom District 9 pieces that appear on eBay. There are several right now, but I thought this one was one of the more unique pieces. It is by eBay seller ashkanls and he is asking $4,199.99 or best offer. Here is the text from his listing.

You are bidding on a Custom District 9 Prawn. This is the best bust I have made so far. It stands at 10 inches tall, 13 with antennas. Antennas are removable and it weighs about 8 pounds.  I have used super sculpy to make this figure, the same compound that Sony character designers use.  Any questions please ask. 

 With that said, I want to remind you that you can win some cash by entering our 1st Annual Halloween 1:6 scale Custom Contest. Check it out right here.

District 9 Fans: Enter our Halloween Custom 1:6 Figure Contest

Today, Dan and Ron announced our 1st Annual Toy Anxiety Halloween Custom 1:6 Figure Contest

Toy Anxiety Zombie ContestTo celebrate the upcoming Halloween season, we’d like to invite you to participate in our custom 1:6 scale figure contest.

We want to see your best Zombies!

There are going to be 3 Categories:

1. Original Concept: Zombies in this category are of a completely original design. You want to make a Dentist zombie, a Cowboy zombie, anything you can think of as long as it’s not based on any specific license.

2. Nazi Zombies: For all you Military enthusiasts and/or fans of Call of Duty World at War, we want to see your best Nazi Zombie. The closer to the look of the game, the more likely you’ll have a chance at winning.

3. Celebrity Zombie: Enter in this category if your Zombie is designed after a particular Celebrity or a character from a movie or TV show. What if Indiana Jones stumbled upon some zombie natives and got bitten? That’s the type of stuff we want to see here. No recreations of existing Zombie characters!

To enter, post your images on our Sideshow Forum site. Be sure to mention which category your image is being entered in. Anyone wishing to participate in this contest may have 1 entry per category. Entries will be accepted through midnight, Saturday October 24th, 2009. The winners will be announced on Friday, October 30th, 2009. Winners will be chosen based on the concept behind the entry, and how much effort went into making it. Just know that popping a Sideshow’s The Dead zombie head on any particular body isn’t going to win you any prizes. We want to see some thought and creativity here. Use your BRAAAAINNNSS!

The prize, for the winner in each category, will receive a $50 Toy Anxiety eGift Certificate!

If you have any questions about the contest please email us at customerservice@toyanxiety.com. Thank you and good luck boils and ghouls!


Custom District 9 Prawn Mecha Battle Suit Maquette


OttoDestruct sent me a comment that he has also created a custom figure from the District 9 movie. It looks pretty impressive so, I am highlighted his eBay auction this morning.

The other two eBay auctions ended kinda confusing for me. One ended at $10,000 which I don’t know if people were messing with him, and the other ended at $5,300 which I am unsure was a real bid too. Hopefully, if the bids were not valid, that the sellers do not get hit with the eBay seller fees.

Also, just a reminder that Toy Anxiety has a super large 1:6 scale Figure Part Shop on our Web site. We have Military, Television, and Movie parts from various top of the line vendors. Click here to look at our 1:6 Figure Part Shop.

Here is the eBay text from the Prawn Mecha Battle Suit Maquette.

This is a custom built “Prawn” battle suit from the amazing new movie District 9.
I got one look at this bad boy on screen and I knew I had to build one!
This piece is 9″ Tall and in scale with 3.3/4 or 1/18th scale figures as you can see from the photo (Gi Joe is not included)
This model is, I feel one of my best and I poured a lot of heart and soul into it.Here are some features!
I scoured the internet for multiple photos of the suit to make it as film accurate as possible.
It  has multiple points of articulation and is fairly poseable .
The model is also covered in Non-Human script from the film which says things like Caution , or Keep Back.I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I did building it!  



The Other District 9 Custom Figure on eBay

To be fair to the other guy selling a custom District 9 Prawn on eBay, I thought I will show you a picture of his custom figure and the description that is on eBay. Currently, his is at $227.50 with 13 bids.



district9prawn2Alright d-9 fans you are bidding on a custom made prawn mech figure. This guy was built from scratch and various parts from some figures. The figure itself is very articulated and has ball jointed shoulders , waist , legs and head. This was one of the most fun customs to work on for me due to how much work and craftsmanship I had to put in him. I gave him the real life like metal texture into the painting process to ahieve the replica movie look. He has fully poseable claws just like the movie scene from when he catches the missle in mid air. You can turn his head back and forth and twist his waist all the way around. His head sections were made from some sheet metal. I even gave him his little robotic whisker tentacles. His spike attenas are very sharp so beware and remember this is a custom made figure meant for posing and display only. You can get some really crazy poses out of him too because of all his articulation. There is only one other of these ever created so dont miss out on this precious find!