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Detroit Weatherman Sonny Eliot Dies

Sonny was a real treat for us kids growing up in Detroit. It was what we would sneak out of bed and run into our parents room to watch. I still have a poster of Sonny Eliot from The Detroit Free Press where he is in the Red Wings Goal and he had “missed” a couple of dozen shots on goal. He was a strong part of my childhood like Milky The Clown, Bozo, and Sir Graves Ghastly. RIP Sonny!

Clint Eastwood It’s Halftime America – Chrysler Commercial (HD)

Hardcore Pawn Visit

My wife and I were in Detroit last weekend visiting family and we decided to stop by American Jewelry and Loan where they film the reality-based show, Hardcore Pawn.  The Pawn shop is a family-owned pawn shop on W. 8 Mile Road and Greenfield Street in Detroit, Michigan.

Les and Seth’s Bios
Les Gold is a third-generation pawnbroker and the charismatic patriarch of American Jewelry and Loan. The King of a 50,000-square-foot empire and the boss to more than 45 employees, this hard-nosed, old school pawnbroker is the epitome of street-smart, known for driving a hard bargain. With a passion for collecting unusual items, Les is an expert on pretty much everything, from diamonds and furs to cars and cameras. A day doesn’t go by without Les reminding his team, “The customer isn’t always being truthful.” There’s no one quicker to sniff out a shady customer, but when genuinely touched by a customer’s story; his lion heart shines through. Les is all about family. He loves his wife, kids and grandkids with gusto.
Les’ only son and business partner, Seth has worked full-time at American Jewelry and Loan since graduating from the University of Michigan seven years ago. Despite initially pursuing a career in the medical field, he decided to change his focus to the family business that defined his heritage. Seth is a smart businessman who knows he’s got huge shoes to fill, but he’s up for the challenge. Although respectful of the business his father has perfected over the past 40 years, Seth never hesitates to point out to Les where there’s room for improvement. Seth prides himself on bringing a modern, corporate structure to this family business, which often drives Les crazy. Seth is meticulous and pragmatic, whereas Les is spontaneous and shoots from the hip.
Our Visit
For our visit, I wore my Chumlee T-shirt. Chumlee is the loveable employee at the other reality-based pawn shop show, Pawn Stars. When Les saw my shirt, he jokingly said that I could not wear that shirt in there. We talked for a bit with Les and Seth, Both were very friendly and warm. While we were talking, several camera crews wandered around the store filming Les and Seth interacting with customers. At the front of the store, the loan department had a long line of customers. The store was very busy and their jewelry department is huge. They had a large musical instrument area. Also, there was a furniture section and a section of fur coats and jackets.
We purchased a couple of T-shirts, which both Les and Sean autographed. Perhaps next time we are in Las Vegas, I will return the favor and wear their T-shirt at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop where Pawn Stars is filmed.
So, over the next few weeks, watch Hardcore Pawn on truTV; you just might see a segment with us in it!

Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial – Imported From Detroit

I grew up in Detroit. When I saw this commercial during the Super Bowl, it gave me goosebumps. Watch it and see if it doesn’t do the same for you.

R.I.P. Sparky

Flash Forward on the ropes?

Perhaps Uncle Teddy got off easy.

For two weeks in a row, FlashForward had their lowest ratings ever. Now I need to point out that they are going against the NCAA Basketball Tournaments in their time slot. You would have thought the network programmers would have been proactive and waited another month before bringing it back.

I think the two episodes this season have been very interesting. We learned that Simon was an unsuspecting “Suspect Zero.” at the stadium in Detroit. We also know that “D. Gibbons” stole Lloyd’s research and claimed it as his own. Also, we now know that Zoey actually was attending Demetri’s memorial service (he was shot by Mark three times).

Last weeks episode showed how bad ass Aaron really is.

I am hoping to see more, but the networks seem to give less time for a series to take hold. I think FlashForward is worth saving. Are you listening ABC?

Flash Forward and LOST Connection

flashforward2Blair Kennedy blogged on my comments about there being LOST images in the first episode of Flash Forward. He said:

Did you see the billboard for Oceanic Airlines that was in the surveillance scene? At the current time, Oceanic has a “Perfect Safety Record”.

So what does this mean? LOST is happening in 1977 and 2007. Flash Forward is happening now since six months from now is April 29th, 2010. Please blog and let me know your thoughts and suspicions.

Flash Forward Rocks! Spoiler Alert!

Flash Forward Pic

I need to watch Flash Forward a second time before I blog on it, so probably Sunday I will have more to say.

In the meantime, I hope you will help me prepare a list of clues. Each week I will post an updated list for all to review.

Also, did anyone else see (or think they saw) signs, symbols, or other items from LOST? Did the blowing up of the island in LOST cause the blackout in Flash Forward?

Here is the start of my list:

April 29th, 2010
2 Minutes 17 Seconds
Kangaroo in the street
Three Stars Tattoo
Blue Hand
Man awake in the baseball statium in Detroit
D. Gibbons
Who Else Knows?

Stay Tuned!