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Update for 11/22/13

New Custom Items, Restock & A New Pre-Order!

New PH Customs items!

Hot Toys Metal Gear The Boss x3

DAM German Zombies x2 Each

DID WWII German Richard Schlemm x1

Dragon WWII
Gustav & Kaiser
Friedrich Kohler
Erich Hartmann

New Pre Order
Hot Toys Superman Man of Steel General Zod (Sorry, just realized we never got this one on)

Update for 11/18/13


Hot Toys Star Wars Luke Bespin x3 (Last Ones)

DID Chicago Gangster John x2

ACE Workshop MAC V SOG Lucky Six x1 (Last One)

Dragon WWII German Elsa x1

Update for 10/28/13


DID WWII German Steiner x3
DID Napoleonic Angus x1

Dragon Modern Jean Foot Grenadiers of the Guard x1

Soldier Story PLA Counterattack Against Vietnam in Self Defense x1

ZC World NYPD Gregory x1

Veryhot CQB 3.0 x1

Update for 10/17/13

New Breakdowns!

Hot Toys Resident Evil 4 Ada Wong x6

DID Chicago Gangster John x6

Update for 10/15/13

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Very Hot US Army x4

Dragon Cyber Hobby Patton x1

DID Bernard Law Montgomery x1

Napoleonic Bruce x1
Napoleonic Dick x1
WWII German Lutz Fedder x3

WWII British Robert Davies x1
WWII German Lothar Kroh x1
Modern Coldstream Guards Sgt. Miles Gates x1

3R WWII German Karl Donitz x2

Soldier Story French Infantryman x3

Update for 10/01/13

New Breakdowns & Restock!

ACI Gladiator Warriors: Priscus x4

DID MI6 Agent Jack x3

Crazy Owners Victorian Style Suit Set x4

Hot Toys 1989 Joker x1

Sideshow GI Joe Stalker x1
Sideshow Star Wars TPM Obi Wan Kenobi x1
Sideshow X-Files Agent Spender x1

DAM Gangster Kingdom Spade J x1

Art Figures The King x1

CM Toys PMC x1

Dragon Modern Rick x1
Dragon Modern Laars x2
Dragon Modern Cheong x1

21st Century Toys Mad Bomber x2

Update for 09/27/13


DID Winston Churchill x3

Soldier Story 2nd Infantry Division South Korea x3

Update for 09/05/13

New Breakdowns & Restock!

Also new to Toy Anxiety, we’d like to introduce Poisoned Harley Customs! We are working together to provide several custom made clothing type items. We appreciate your support and interest, and plan to offer new items on a regular basis if all goes well. Suggestions are welcome!

Hot Toys AVP Scar Predator x4

DID Pierre x2

Sideshow Buffy Oz & Angelus x1 Each
Sideshow James Bond Xenia x1

BBI Cy Com Colossus x1
BBI Cy Com Fireblade x1

Update for 08/15/13

New Breakdowns, Restock, & a New Pre-Order!

Hot Toys Dark Knight Rises Selina Kyle Catwoman x6

DID Winston Churchill x4

Hot Toys Expendables 2 Barney Ross x3

Sideshow Star Wars General Grievous

Product Update for 09/29/2010

New Breakdowns!

DID Hayden Christ *cough*not Anakin*cough*

21st Century Toys:
Mad Bomber
Auz & Tazz Mantrackers
Navy Seal Pointman
Firemen (Both Yellow and Black Suit Versions)