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San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusive #76: Toys“R”Us Exclusive WINX Club Princess Bloom doll from JAKKS Pacific

Toys“R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con WINX Club® Princess Bloom doll  from JAKKS® Pacific

Once an ordinary girl, Bloom lived a normal life in the city of Gardenia until she met Stella, a princess from the planet Solaria. Coming to Stella’s aid, Bloom discovered her magical powers and joined Alfea, the best fairy school in all the realms. Now Winx Club fans can take home this 11.5-inch articulated version of Bloom with a sparkling torso, as well as a shimmery blue and black outfit, which perfectly complements her tinted, glitter and gem Belivix wings. Princess Bloom is ready to flutter home with conventioneers for $30.

SDCC 2011 Exclusive #56: Gentle Giant Sucker Punch Baby Doll Mini Bust

Gentle Giant Sucker Punch Baby Doll Mini Bust
Limited to 500 pieces.

Pre-order this San Diego Comic Con 2011 Exclusive today! We will be unveiling and taking pre-orders for an exclusive daily until all have been announced. So stay tuned for each reveal…

Pre-orders are open to Premier Guild Members only. These orders will be billed and shipped after the show.

SDCC 2011 Exclusive #22: Mattel Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Doll

Monster High™ Ghoulia Yelps™ Doll ($20)

Being that Ghoulia Yelps is the smartest ghoul in school, naturally she’s a comic book fan. Ghoulia’s on her way to NekroCon dressed as her favorite zombie super hero, Dead Fast™. Ghoulia comes with a miniature Dead Fast action figure and a Dead Fast fan fic book that she wrote and illustrated herself.

SDCC 2011 Exclusive #17: Mattel Green Lantern Carol Ferris Barbie Doll

Carol Ferris Barbie® Doll ($35)

SDCC 2010 Exclusive #65: DC Stars Zatanna Tonner Doll

Price: $175.oo
Production Run: 300

Limited Edition of 300. Tonner presents the highly demanded Zatanna, standing approximately 16 inches tall! Zatanna is a powerful sorceress whose abilities are apparently genetic. As a tribute to her father and as a focal point, she usually casts spells by speaking verbal commands backwards. She has also proven capable on many occasions of casting spells by speaking normally, and, in rarer occasions, the ability to use magic for simple tasks without speaking. Reserve yours at the show! Available August 2010.

SDCC 2010 Exclusive #48: Strawberry Shortcake Special Edition Doll

Price: $17.99

Dressed for her debut in a funky pink hat inspired by her cat CUSTARD, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE is making her first HasbroToyShop.com appearance at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010.  The special edition doll comes with colorful removable fashions and chic accessories.  This stylish STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE doll marks the re-introduction of the original 5″ scale. The STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE doll and her cat CUSTARD are housed in a specially designed package that opens to display them for all to see! This HasbroToyShop.com exclusive launches at San Diego Comic-Con 2010!(Ages 3 and up; Approximate Retail Price $17.99; Available through HasbroToyShop.com, Booth # 3329 at San Diego Comic-Con)

Barbie Twilight Bella Doll Preview

Barbie Twilight Bella Doll

Pink Label™ Collection

The movie Twilight tells the tale of teenage romance between mortal Bella Swan and the intriguing and dazzlingly beautiful vampire, Edward Cullen. With long brunette locks, an innocent expression, and her trademark outfit from the film (stylish jeans, sneaks, and a gray jacket), the Twilight Bella doll epitomizes her namesake. Add both dolls to your collection to reunite them for eternity!



Barbie Twilight Edward Doll Preview

Barbie Twilight Edward Doll

Pink Label™ Collection

The movie Twilight tells the tale of teenage romance between mortal Bella Swan and the intriguing and dazzlingly beautiful vampire, Edward Cullen. Broodingly handsome, this doll captures the character of Edward perfectly. From his chiseled features, golden eyes, and shimmering complexion, to his stylish clothing from the film, you too will swoon for this irresistible immortal!





Flash Forward: Meet D. Gibbons (Spoiler Alert!)


Tonight on Flash Forward, we got to meet three versions of D. Gibbons.

The first was Dee Dee Gibbons, age 45, from Anaheim, California. Her flash forward was of arguing with someone about pigeons and credit cards. Dee Dee owns her own business which specializes in fancy cupcakes. Soon we find out that Dee Dee credit card has been used to buy a bus ticket in Pigeon Lake, Utah.  So Mark (Fiennes) and Demetri (Cho) head out to Pigeon Lake for a stakeout. Thinking things have gone bust, Mark looks across the street and spots D. Gibbons #2, which is the name of a mom and pop doll factory. They go inside and a man blows up the factory, but not before shooting the local female sheriff that is with them. Interestingly, she also had no flash forward dream just like Demetri. Her shooting proves fatal and we begin to feel the same ominous feeling that Demetri is feeling about his future. A photographer provides the burned doll photograph for Mark’s evidence wall.

Mark can’t sleep that night and stops by his daughter’s (Charlie)  room after burning the friendship bracelet she gave him in the fireplace. She finally starts telling him about  her flash forward; she has already revealed she knows Dylan, who is the son of Olivia’s future lover. But then, she introduces us to D. Gibbons #3 by saying “D. Gibbons is a very bad man.”

Other things we learned:

Mosaic is the Mosaic Collective Web site the FBI set up for people to tell their flash forward stores.

The blackout (the latest playground game) happened at 11:00am on the dot which has a 1 in 3600 change of happening at exactly that time.

The person in the baseball stadium in Detroit is now referred to as Suspect Zero. The FBI has determined it is a man, 5’8″ tall, 160 pounds.

The man who blew up the doll factory called Suspect Zero on his cell phone during the blackout.

We learn that a lady had a flash forward while she is reviewing the file of Demetri’s murder which occurs on March 15th, 2010.

I have read a lot of reviews of the show and they are very mixed. Some feel they are trying too hard to be LOST (e.g., same opening scene where Mark/Jack wake up and start trying to help in a catastrophe) or their use of animals in unusual places (e.g., polar bear on the island, kangaroo in the street). I did not read the early reviews of LOST, but I think people will become hooked very quickly to Flash Forward. Give it a chance and enjoy the ride. I am.