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Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel immortalized by DC Collectibles. Coming out May Timeframe.

Man of Steel DC Collectibles

More Photos from Superman – Man of Steel (2013)

Henry Cavill is definitely buffed out for this movie.

Lois Lane (Amy Adams) doing her Superman stand.

‘Man of Steel’ Set Photos Reveal Henry Cavill’s Superman Costume Changes

Source: THR, 12:14 PM PDT 8/31/2011 by  (Patrick Kevin Day)        

Superman has a brand-new costume and thanks to newly released images from the set of Man of Steel, fans are getting their first chance to study it in detail.

The new costume, worn by actor Henry Cavill, appears to be keeping in line with the revised version of the character soon to be seen in DC Comics’ reboots of the Action Comics and Superman series next month. The red briefs and yellow belt are gone; replaced by blue briefs. And from the looks of the photos, the omnipresent red cape is now optional.

A previous photo of the Man of Steel was released earlier in August, but the image was dim and moody and didn’t give fans a sense of what the costume would look like in action.

Warner Bros.’ Superman reboot began filming outside of Chicago in early August and since then, several photos from the set — turning Plano, Illinois into Smallville — have been posted on a fan Facebook page.

First Photo of Henry Cavill as Superman

Warner Bros. has released the first photo of actor Henry Cavill as Superman. “Man of Steel” includes a growing roster of A-list actors.

The New Superman – Henry Cavill

Let’s hope they make this movie a little edgier and it does not involve Lex Luthor.