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Watch Jar-Jar getting killed in this deleted Star Wars – The Phantom Menace scene

I always had a soft spot for Jar-Jar Binks. I always felt if Jar-Jar spoke in a deep voice in an unknown language with captions underneath translating what he was saying, he might have been viewed in the same vein as Han Solo or Boba Feet. Also, they would have to remove the silly things he does too. He could have been a real bad ass.

Anyway, here is a deleted scene (“The Phantom Edit”) that has surfaced where Jar-Jar bites the dust. Some of you will be very satisfied with this scene. But I just look at the potential Lucas had of making jar-Jar a real hero.

Jar-Jar Death Scene Video

Jar-Jar Death Scene

Jar-Jar Saved from Death Scene Video

Jar-Jar Saved from Death Scene