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Flash Forward: Meet D. Gibbons (Spoiler Alert!)


Tonight on Flash Forward, we got to meet three versions of D. Gibbons.

The first was Dee Dee Gibbons, age 45, from Anaheim, California. Her flash forward was of arguing with someone about pigeons and credit cards. Dee Dee owns her own business which specializes in fancy cupcakes. Soon we find out that Dee Dee credit card has been used to buy a bus ticket in Pigeon Lake, Utah.  So Mark (Fiennes) and Demetri (Cho) head out to Pigeon Lake for a stakeout. Thinking things have gone bust, Mark looks across the street and spots D. Gibbons #2, which is the name of a mom and pop doll factory. They go inside and a man blows up the factory, but not before shooting the local female sheriff that is with them. Interestingly, she also had no flash forward dream just like Demetri. Her shooting proves fatal and we begin to feel the same ominous feeling that Demetri is feeling about his future. A photographer provides the burned doll photograph for Mark’s evidence wall.

Mark can’t sleep that night and stops by his daughter’s (Charlie)  room after burning the friendship bracelet she gave him in the fireplace. She finally starts telling him about  her flash forward; she has already revealed she knows Dylan, who is the son of Olivia’s future lover. But then, she introduces us to D. Gibbons #3 by saying “D. Gibbons is a very bad man.”

Other things we learned:

Mosaic is the Mosaic Collective Web site the FBI set up for people to tell their flash forward stores.

The blackout (the latest playground game) happened at 11:00am on the dot which has a 1 in 3600 change of happening at exactly that time.

The person in the baseball stadium in Detroit is now referred to as Suspect Zero. The FBI has determined it is a man, 5’8″ tall, 160 pounds.

The man who blew up the doll factory called Suspect Zero on his cell phone during the blackout.

We learn that a lady had a flash forward while she is reviewing the file of Demetri’s murder which occurs on March 15th, 2010.

I have read a lot of reviews of the show and they are very mixed. Some feel they are trying too hard to be LOST (e.g., same opening scene where Mark/Jack wake up and start trying to help in a catastrophe) or their use of animals in unusual places (e.g., polar bear on the island, kangaroo in the street). I did not read the early reviews of LOST, but I think people will become hooked very quickly to Flash Forward. Give it a chance and enjoy the ride. I am.

Flash Forward Rocks! Spoiler Alert!

Flash Forward Pic

I need to watch Flash Forward a second time before I blog on it, so probably Sunday I will have more to say.

In the meantime, I hope you will help me prepare a list of clues. Each week I will post an updated list for all to review.

Also, did anyone else see (or think they saw) signs, symbols, or other items from LOST? Did the blowing up of the island in LOST cause the blackout in Flash Forward?

Here is the start of my list:

April 29th, 2010
2 Minutes 17 Seconds
Kangaroo in the street
Three Stars Tattoo
Blue Hand
Man awake in the baseball statium in Detroit
D. Gibbons
Who Else Knows?

Stay Tuned!