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Phoenix Comic-Con 2011 Photos – Part III

More photos from William Oon.

The Who(s)

Dancing at the Con

Wondercon 2011 Costume Photos (Part III)

Source: Rottentomatoes.com

POWER MORPHICON Photos – Part III (The Stars)

Source: MiceChat.com

No convention is complete without meeting its stars and with the many variations of Power Ranger shows, there was no shortage on Rangers to meet. Here’s just a few highlights. How many do you recognize?

(l-r) Ashton J. McArn II, Candace Kita, and David Senstrom from The Masked Rider

Monica May

Here she signs a fan’s tattoo

More Rangers!

Robert Axelrod here provided the voice.

The original Black Ranger had the longest line.

Star Wars Celebration V Photos – Part III