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SDCC Exclusive #9: Mattel DC Universe Plastic Man Figure

This had got to be one of the coolest figures that will be at SDCC this year!

DC Universe Plastic Man Figure from Mattel
SDCC price: 

DC Universe Plastic Man has interchangeable standard arms, stretchy arms, giant form hands (a fly swatter and a bouncy ball with racket), and interchangeable stretchy neck and leg springs.

DC Universe Plastic Man Suitcase (free with purchase)

This Plastic Man Suitcase is packed in a poly bag and comes free when you purchase DCU Plastic Man at SDCC (available only while supplies last). You can attach his arms, head, and neck to the suitcase as if he has disguised himself as a suitcase. Open up the suitcase and find chip art comic book covers from the 75 years of DC Comics. Looks like he’s been doing some shopping while at SDCC! The Suitcase will not be sold online after the show.